Weightlifting: Program Design
  • Weightlifting: Program Design
    This article describes effective methods for designing a weightlifting program. Although there may be some differences in program design for each individual, the program should follow the same basic guidelines.
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    The article discusses how men and women, junior, senior, and master (veteran) weightlifters can benefit from similar program designs for their weightlifting programs. Age, gender, skill level, and individual differences are all factors that can affect the programming, however, programs should still follow the same basic guidelines in order to maximize effectiveness. This article also includes examples of periodized 12-week mesocycles with suggested exercises.

    Michael H. Stone, PhD, Kyle C. Pierce, EdD, William A. Sands, PhD, Meg E. Stone
    Strength and Conditioning Journal, April 2006
    Volume 28, Number 2, pages 10-17

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