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June 04, 2022 | Hanover, NH | 0.7 CEUs Category A


Dartmouth College
Floren Varsity House
6083 Alumni Gym
Hanover, NH 03755

Hosted by:
Kevin Burgess, CSCS

Spencer Brown, MS, CSCS


Event Itinerary - Saturday, June 4
8:00 AM - 8:45 AM
Check-in & On-site Registration
8:45 AM - 9:00 AM
Intro & Welcome
9:00 AM - 9:50 AM
Emergency Action Plans: The Strength and Conditioning Coach’s Role
by T.J. Smith, MS, CSCS

After completion of the presentation you will be able to:
• Understand and describe the most common conditions that can lead to sudden death in sport
• Distinguish the S&C coach's role in prevention of sudden death in sport
• Evaluate facility readiness for specific emergencies
• Compile pertinent resources available to provide employer of gaps in current EAP
• Adapt conditioning plans according to environmental conditions

10:00 AM - 10:50 AM
Developing a High-Performance Model in a High School Setting
by Nicole Fowler, MS, CSCS

Learning Objectives:
• Nuances of a high school setting
• Similarities/differences between collegiate and high school strength & conditioning
• Coaching & programming to fit the population
• Ideas for the future

11:00 AM - 11:50 AM
Resistance Training for Fire Service Tactical Facilitators
by Rich Meyer, CSCS, TSAC-F

This presentation is beyond the normal fitness programming talk for coaches who currently work for, or have a desire to work with, firefighters and fire departments. In this presentation, coaches will:
• Understand the personalities and challenges of working with firefighters in a gym or firehouse setting and how to overcome these challenges to increase program buy-in from personnel or administration.
• Learn key terminology and fire service basics to help establish rapport with firefighters that could build trust and improve active participation in the program.
• Discuss potential obstacles that may impact a training session to avoid any pitfalls and deliver a successful service to the firefighters and the fire department.

11:50 AM - 12:35 PM
Lunch (provided)
12:35 PM - 1:25 PM
ACL Injury Prevention: How WE Can Make a Difference and Change the Outcome! (lecture)
by Chris Pierce, MSPT, CSCS

The learner will:
• Understand the gravity and extent to which ACL injuries impact male and female athletes
• Understand the disparity between female athletes and their male counterparts
• Identify the modifiable risk factors in male and female athletes
• Evaluate those at-risk for ACL injury

1:35 PM - 2:25 PM
ACL Injury Prevention: How WE Can Make a Difference and Change the Outcome! (hands-on)
by Chris Pierce, MSPT, CSCS

This session will:
• Teach proper warm-up to decrease risk of ACL injuries
• Teach proper movement mechanics with respect to jumping and landing, changing direction and deceleration to reduce risk of injury in the knee and ankle

2:35 PM - 3:25 PM
Olympic Lifting Variations and Accommodating Resistance in Athletics
by Joe Gilfedder, MEd, CSCS

This presentation will go over how to utilize the different variations of Olympic lifts and accommodating resistance for developing the expression of power in collegiate athletics. 

3:35 PM - 4:25 PM
The Pursuit of Perfect Coaching
by Mike Vaughan, MS, CSCS

Learning Objectives:
• Defining perfection
• Increase our standard of performance as s&c professionals
• As a field, we need to coach better
• Teach and explain how we can do this in each of our own settings


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