Certified Professional Liability Insurance
  • Certified Professional Liability Insurance
    The NSCA is proud to offer its members Certified Professional Liability Insurance. This liability insurance is designed for fitness professionals, from personal trainers to coaches. No matter your field of expertise, liability insurance protects you from legal risk. Learn more today!
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    It’s Smart to Have Good Insurance

    Whether you’re training professional athletes, consulting people on a healthier lifestyle, or offering tips to your kid’s soccer coach, your certification and skills place your service in high demand, which also comes with legal risk. Accidents simply happen. Regardless of training environment, any number of day-to-day factors can pose a risk, even if managed and mitigated with great attention. Don’t risk your career and your professional reputation.

    You can upgrade your current membership, or sign up to become an NSCA Member with Certified Professional Liability Insurance (CPI), which offers up to $5 million total coverage for $329 per year.*  

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    For additional one-on-one help, call (800) 815-6826 or email insurance@nsca.com.

    *Rate is for insurance term beginning February 1 through January 31. Checkout screen will reflect correct amount. Depending on enrollment, a prorate fee may apply. Contact Membership for more details.

    Additional Insured

    The Additional Insured program is designed to name a facility that a member is working out of. This will cover the facility in the case where both the insured and the facility are named in a lawsuit. Please call the NSCA at (800) 815-6826 or email insurance@nsca.com for further information. This coverage will NOT cover you in a studio that you own, rent, or lease. This coverage will NOT cover employees.

    Current Certified Professional with Liability Insurance (CPI) members can manage their additional insureds online. Click here to manage your additional insureds. (You must be signed in and have a current CPI membership to access this system.) If special instructions or endorsements are required by a facility being named as an additional insured, please contact insurance@nsca.com to process.

    Need Studio Insurance?

    NSCA members who require insurance coverage for your personally owned studio may contact Integro Entertainment & Sports Insurance for an application and quote at (678) 324-3322/(678) 324-3310 or visit their website at https://sport.integrogroup.com/nsca.

    Studio Contract Review

    The following resource is for NSCA members who own a studio and need information on contract review: Contract Review (PDF).