NSCA Volunteer Leadership
  • NSCA Volunteer Leadership
    Join the thousands of personal training and strength and conditioning professionals around the world that share the NSCA's passion for advancing research, education, training and coaching of athletic performance and fitness.
  • Advance the Strength and Conditioning Profession 
    As with any member association, the NSCA is only as strong as its volunteer leaders. We are grateful for the hundreds of NSCA volunteers who sacrifice their time and energy to advance the strength and conditioning profession. Do you want to stretch yourself professionally? Grow your visibility as a leader? Push our profession forward? Collaborate with fellow strength and conditioning professionals?

    You can do all this, plus earn continuing education credits, as a volunteer with the NSCA. Check out our current opportunities below. For volunteer guidelines, including information on requirements and term limits, please download the NSCA Volunteer Handbook (PDF). 

    Applicants must submit their name, contact information, NSCA ID, resume or CV, and a letter of intent outlining the skills, abilities, and talents that they will bring to the Committee/SIG, as well as how they intend to use their unique experiences to further the mission of their chosen Committee/SIG.  

    Please note: NSCA volunteer leadership opportunities are open to NSCA members. Not an NSCA member? Join today!  

    The NSCA has ten committees, each of which was established by the Board of Directors to meet the needs of the NSCA. Learn more about Committees .

    Special Interest Groups (SIGs)
    The NSCA has 17 Special Interest Groups that support sports-specific interests to broader topics like sports pyschology and nutrition. Learn more about SIGs . 

    Baseball SIG Basketball SIG Bodybuilding & Fitness Competition SIG
    College Strength & Conditioning SIG Exercise/Sports Psychology SIG Figure Skating SIG
    High School Strength & Conditioning SIG Ice Hockey SIG Lacrosse SIG
    Long-Term Athletic Development (LTAD) SIG Nutrition, Metabolism, & Body Composition SIG Personal Trainers SIG
    Soccer SIG Sports Medicine/ Rehabilitation SIG Tactical Strength & Conditioning SIG
    Track & Field Coaches SIG Weightlifting SIG  

    State and Provincial Opportunities
    Join our network of volunteer leaders who direct NSCA’s efforts at the state and provincial level, and regional coordinators who provide oversight and training across nine North American regions. Learn more about the NSCA State and Provincial Community

    Founded in 2007, the NSCA Foundation is a non-profit organization committed to providing funding to NSCA members taking part in educational and research endeavors. Learn more about the Foundation