2018 Personal Trainers Conference

Thanks to everyone who attended the 2018 Personal Trainer’s Conference!

October 05 - 07, 2018 | Baltimore, MD | 2.0 CEUs Category A

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Thanks to everyone who attended the 2018 Personal Trainer’s Conference! 

While I wasn’t able to get to every session, here are some of my key takeaways.

John Sinclair kicked things off highlighting gym strength versus “farm-boy” strength, a great reminder that training in the gym should help us move and perform better in the “real world.” 

Scott Rawcliffe, social media expert, taught us that being active on social media isn’t only about building a personal/business brand, but that our posts may be the ones that motivate someone to change their life.  Powerful stuff. 

Dr. John Rusin talked about the importance of fitting exercises to your clients, not the other way around.  We’re all “unique snowflakes” in that our joint structure, limb lengths, and training history affect our ability to move.  Stick to technique fundamentals but modify exercises to fit your clients’ needs/abilities. Keep the “personal” in training. 

This was my first opportunity to see Dr. Mike Israetel of Renaissance Periodization fame who had the room belly laughing with his presentation style.  His explanation of the Hedonic Staircase for weight gain and weight loss; making smaller consistent changes when it comes to food choice (both quality and taste) really resonated with attendees.   

Both Johnnie Gillespie and Dana Santas taught us about the connections between mobility, stability, breathing and performance.  Johnnie shared a Balanced Athlete routine pairing conscious movement to improve function.  Dana taught us that diaphragmatic breathing is not the same as performance breathing and provided a great routine driving improved mobility and stability through breath work.     

Ryan Keller, NSCA Texas State Director, taught us about evaluating power training techniques from the ground up.  Ryan’s session was up against the omelet station and still drew in trainers hungry to get active and learn by doing.

Last but not least was Bert Sorin, president of Sorinex.  Bert talked about being legendary and living an impactful life.  A few key points; be there, you never know how a single interaction might touch someone.  Be accountable; to your clients, your employees/co-workers, and to yourself.  Be authentic; being different for the sake of being different doesn’t imply useful.  Be yourself and stick to what works.  Never forget where you came from, who you learned from, who helped you along the way; pay it back and pay it forward.  #BeLegendary

I take great pride in these events and representing the NSCA.  It’s not always perfect but it’s a process of continual growth and improvement.  That said, we here at the NSCA are looking to innovate in 2019.  We’ve heard the feedback; taking time off to travel can be difficult and you want more interaction.  2019 will bring a virtual conference experience allowing more access to presenters; more expert panel discussions, more Q&A, and more interactive breakouts allowing attendees to work together - applying content and learning from each other.  More info coming soon – and we’ll be back with a live event in 2020.   

Until next time – stay focused, stay professional, and don’t forget the impact you make on someone’s quality of life.  Stay grateful, be proud.  

#everyonestronger #everyonestronger

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