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Sleep – The Only True “Fixall” for Health and Performance

October 25, 2019


With over 20 years of experience in the field, former co-founder of EXOS, Brandon Marcello, discusses general sleep knowledge as it pertains to overall health, wellness, and performance in this session from the 2019 NSCA Tactical Annual Training.

TSAC Facilitators Exercise Science Nutrition Program design Sleep Bedtime Routine Sleep Hygiene Sleep Debt

Risk Factors Requiring Wellness Interventions

November 6, 2020


This excerpt from NSCA's Essentials of Tactical Strength and Conditioning explains the importance of wellness programs for tactical athletes.

TSAC Facilitators Program design Wellness Interventions Tactical Sleep Disruption Stress Nutrition

A Coach and Trainer’s Challenge – Individual Variables in Health, Fitness, and Nutrition

March 11, 2019


There are many factors, both personal and environmental, that play a role in the success of a training and diet program for an individual client. This article looks at the factors to be aware of and some solutions to finding the best fit program for an individual client.

Personal trainers Exercise Science Nutrition Program design Client Consultation|Assessment Health Fitness Nutrition Client Success

Ice Hockey – In-Season Strength and Conditioning Considerations

June 30, 2023

Article Members Only

This article provides some practical applications to minimize the negative effects associated with a long intensive ice hockey season on ice hockey athletes.

Coaches Program design Ice Hockey Travel Fatigue Fitness

Critical Evaluation of the Wim Hof Method

March 19, 2021

Article Members Only

Through this article, personal trainers should understand the extremes of the Wim Hof method, and instead encourage clients to follow scientifically-backed deep breathing and cold therapy practices to supplement a well-rounded exercise program.

Personal trainers Exercise Science Program design Breathing Meditation Cold Exposure Personal Trainer

NSCA’s Coaching Podcast, Episode 43: Greg Haff

Greg Haff, former President of the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA), current course coordinator for post graduate studies in strength and conditioning at Edith Cowan University, and Senior Associate Editor for the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, talks to the NSCA’s Head Strength and Conditioning Coach, Scott Caulfield, about his journey through strength and conditioning and his efforts to progress the field during his time as president of the NSCA. Topics under discussion include: his years being NSCA Board of Director President, the future of the profession, how he got involved in the NSCA, key traits of icons in the field, traits for potential incoming students, and how to get into sports science.

Coaches Organization and Administration Professional Development

The Promises and Perils of Academic Life: Perspectives of Women in Science

May 27, 2013


This article provides guidance for women on the steps involved in an academic career, including earning graduate and terminal degrees and obtaining tenure and promotions at universities.

Coaches Organization and Administration Professional Development Women in Strength and Conditioning CSCS Academics Careers in Strength and Conditioning

Ashley Jackson - NSCA’s Coaching Podcast, Season 7 Episode 6


It is time to catch up with 2019 NSCA Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach of the Year, Ashley Jackson, on her recent career move from the University of Michigan to Texas A&M, as the Assistant Director of Olympic Strength and Conditioning. Jackson talks with NSCA Coaching and Sport Science Program Manager, Eric McMahon, about leadership pathways for coaches and how to gain professional opportunities, from mentorship to earning promotions and taking the next step in your career. This episode explains the importance of the assistant strength and conditioning coach role, not only as a career stepping-stone, but also as an opportunity to practice being both an effective leader and follower. Tune-in and learn more about how you can gain valuable leadership experience, regardless of your current career stage, through involvement with the NSCA. Use this link to look up NSCA Contributor Opportunities and get involved! You can connect with Ashley on Twitter @txstronger| Find Eric on Instagram: @ericmcmahoncscs or Twitter: @ericmcmahoncscs

Coaches Professional Development
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