The Squat—How it Improves Athletic Performance
  • The Squat—How it Improves Athletic Performance
    Renowned powerlifter, Matt Wenning demonstrates proper form, volume, and muscles required to squat optimally in this session from the 2016 NSCA National Conference. The video includes coaching cues to help you teach squat technique to your athletes.
  • Note: This is not the Matt Wenning squat video that has a CEU quiz. The video that goes with the quiz is posted on the NSCA YouTube channel at

  • Matthew Wenning

    About the Author:

    Matthew Wenning, MS

    Matt Wenning is one of the best powerlifters of his generation, winning top national and world-level competitions. Wenning owns a performance center in Columbus, OH called Ludus Magnus, and has worked with multiple National Football League (NFL) players, United States Army Rangers, firefighters, triathletes, and general populations. He has over 12,000 hours of experience as a Division I college strength coach in a variety of sports, including football, track and field, swimming, and baseball. He received a Bachelor of Science degree in Exercise Physiology in 2003 and a Master of Science degree in Sport Biomechanics in 2005.

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