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Year-Round Strength Training for Collegiate Female Cross Country Runners— Sample Program
By David Granato, CSCS | January 22, 2019

Strength training is an often neglected aspect of training for distance athletes. This article gives an overview of the importance of strength training for collegiate female distance runners by providing a sample of an annual training program and considerations to increase performance and avoid injury.

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Post-Rehabilitation Programming—Lateral Ankle Sprains
By Cameron Yuen, CSCS | January 22, 2019

Ankle sprains are an extremely common injury of both sports and everyday life. In the post-rehabilitation setting, it is important to first identify and then address deficits in ankle, hip, and knee range of motion and strength.

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Integrated Perspectives on Tactical Preparation—Adding Mental Skill Training to Physical Fitness during Police Training Scenarios
By Stacy L Gnacinski, MS, CSCS, and Ken Brock | January 15, 2019

This article shares various options for integrating mental skills training into existing strength and conditioning programs. Such simultaneous, dual-training approaches may better prepare officers for the realities of occupational performance.

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Components of Group Dynamics within the Strength and Conditioning Context
By DR Andrew D. Gillham, PhD, CSCS,*D | January 15, 2019

Coaching staffs need to be mindful of how groups are formed for training, who the leaders are, and what group norms are established across the different combinations of athletes training.

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