Welcome to NSCA’s new website.  If you have any feedback or experience difficulties please Contact Us and let us know.

Welcome to NSCA’s new website.  If you have any feedback or experience difficulties please Contact Us and let us know.


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Intensity or Resistance
By Strength Training Second Edition | September 17, 2018

The loading intensity a person chooses depends on his or her goals and training status (i.e., whether the person is a trained athlete or a sedentary individual). Ultimately, the number of repetitions you can perform at a given intensity or load determines the effects of training on strength develop.

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Practical Assessments of Power for Law Enforcement Populations
By Robert G. Lockie PhD, Matthew Robert Moreno, Karly Cesario | September 17, 2018

This article consists of five assessments that could be utilized by the tactical facilitator to measure upper- , lower- , and total-body power in law enforcement officers (LEOs). Although the focus of this article is LEOs, the assessments could also be used for other tactical populations.

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Simplicity is Key—Strategies for Improving your Coaching and Communication
By Mr. Daniel Flahie, MSEd, CSCS | September 17, 2018

Establishing a relationship and communicating with your clients in simplified terms that they can understand is a critical aspect of the training process. If you are not taking the time to do this, start now, and it will make the whole experience better for everyone involved.

Raising Awareness about the Positive Influences of Strength and Conditioning Coaches
By Dr. Andrew D. Gillham, PhD, CSCS,*D | September 17, 2018

If the strength and conditioning field largely keeps to itself, or the knowledge base is not seen to transcend the training facility, it seems reasonable to think that this will present a problem for strength and conditioning coaches. This article examines some actions strength and conditioning coaches can take to increase the awareness of the good work they do on a daily basis.

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