The Step-by-Step CASCE Accreditation Process

CASCE 5 Step process

STEP 1: Confirm Your Readiness

Before applying, check that your program is ready for the accreditation process. Start by familiarizing yourself with the following resources:

    • Guide to Accreditation: Gain an understanding of the policies, procedures, and general timelines associated with the accreditation process.
    • Professional Standards and Guidelines: Examine the standards your program must meet to become accredited, helping you assess your readiness.
    • Program Readiness Tool: Use internally to grasp and track the exhibits your program will need to demonstrate compliance with CASCE standards.

Step 2: Submit Your Application

After you’ve confirmed your program is ready to apply, you may begin your digital application. You can save your progress and return later, as well as share access with additional stakeholders in your program. During the process, your digital signatures will be collected, and you can submit any required supporting documents.

Your application helps CASCE confirm that your program has the required foundational pieces in place and intends to move forward in the accreditation process. Applications are accepted from October 1 through December 1 annually.

All applicants are required to pay a non-refundable $1,000 application fee (current ERP programs pay $500) that will be invoiced once their application is evaluated and approved.

NOTE: Undergraduate and graduate programs at the same institution are evaluated and accredited separately, and each program requires individual applications and accreditation fees.

Step 3: Complete Your Self-Study

Once your application is approved and we receive your application fee, you will gain access to the Accreditation Portal to begin your Self-Study. Your Self-Study is a self-reflection of your program’s strengths and weaknesses and determines the extent to which your program complies with established CASCE Professional Standards and Guidelines. Self-Studies are completed over the course of an academic year and include input from faculty, administrators, field experience supervisors, and current students. Self-Studies are due on October 1 each year.

NOTE: If your program chooses to defer submission of your Self-Study to the next year, an additional fee will be charged.

Step 4: Receive A Peer Review Site Visit

As soon as your Self-Study is submitted, CASCE will assign a three-person Peer Review team to assess your report. Two of your three reviewers will conduct an on-site visit to validate and clarify the contents of your Self-Study. At the end of your visit, your Peer Review team will provide an exit conference—an unofficial verbal report given to faculty and administrators.

After your site visit is complete, your Peer Review team will submit an official written Site Visit Report to CASCE’s Accreditation Review Committee. Once reviewed and approved, you will be sent your official Site Visit Report (typically about 4-6 weeks after your site visit).


Once your institution receives your Site Visit Report, you will have 30 days to respond with your official Program Response. If your program is free of non-compliances, you may simply respond that your report is accepted.

If there are non-compliances, your Site Visit Report will provide a detailed description of each instance, including instructions on how to show compliance for each standard. Then, you can include corrections or documentation indicating compliance in your Program Response within the Accreditation Portal.


After the Accreditation Review Committee has received and reviewed your Program Response, any non-compliant standards and responses will be reported to the CASCE Board along with their recommendation regarding accreditation. Then, the CASCE board will make your accreditation decision.

Your institution will be informed of the board’s Accreditation Action. If applicable, you will also receive a clear statement of any non-compliance and instructions for a Progress Report to continue your pursuit of accreditation.

The accreditation process typically takes two years from application to decision.

Maintaining your Accreditation

Once you are a CASCE accredited program, you must maintain your accreditation by completing an Annual Report and paying your annual fees.

If you have substantive changes to your program, CASCE must be notified within 30 days of the change. Substantive changes include: Program Director changes (including leave of absence and interim), a change in college or school, or change in degree or concentration.

Sharing your Accreditation Journey

Prior to accreditation, your program may indicate on your website or other public documents that you are applying for CASCE accreditation. However, you may not refer to the accreditation in any manner that might infer your program is currently or about to be accredited, including reference to a student being eligible to sit for the CSCS examination (starting in 2030). Once your program becomes accredited, it must be indicated on your website and in other public documents that the program is accredited by the CASCE. Programs are encouraged to use the CASCE accreditation “seal” to do so (when it becomes available).

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