The Council on Accreditation of Strength and Conditioning Education, commonly referred to as CASCE, is a nonprofit accrediting agency devoted to advancing the strength and conditioning profession. We provide accreditation to collegiate-level education programs specializing in strength and conditioning. We rely on peer-reviews by academic and industry professionals to assess standards of quality, ensuring relevant curriculum and effective instruction.

Why CASCE Exists

In response to the demands of the profession, our members, and their constituencies, the NSCA established CASCE. CASCE is responsible for implementing an accreditation process for strength and conditioning education programs to ensure that Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialists are fully prepared to meet professional standards.

We believe strength and conditioning education should aim to produce highly prepared professionals who provide knowledgeable, evidence-based coaching and support. The directors of quality programs understand the importance their role plays in preparing future professionals to keep athletes from unnecessary injury. When students are well-equipped, the strength and conditioning industry as a whole will benefit.


The CASCE vision is the long-term goal we continually strive to achieve:

Our vision is to improve the field of strength and conditioning by establishing and maintaining the highest standard of excellence for degree programs.


The CASCE mission defines the direction the organization is taking in order to achieve the goals set in our vision:

Our mission is to establish and maintain standards of excellence for degree programs worldwide, by ensuring consistent, quality education that effectively prepares graduates to apply the science of human performance and keep athletes safe.


The CASCE core values are our own standard of excellence that help guide the organization in the pursuit of our vision:

  • Champion a standard of excellence
  • Deliver the highest quality product
  • Adhere to practices of transparency
  • Maintain consistency and dependability
  • Operate with professionalism and integrity


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