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Velocity-Based Training, from Theory to Application: Responses
By Adam Virgile, CSCS | November 20, 2020

This infographic explains the acute and chronic responses of velocity-based training (VBT). This is the third and final infographic of a three-part series explaining the theory behind and application of VBT.

Practical Applications and Future Directions of Electromyography use in Tactical Populations
By Katherine Balfany, CSCS and Robert Lockie, PhD, TSAC-F | November 20, 2020

This article reviews electromyography (EMG) procedures as well as provides examples of how EMG data analysis has been used in tactical populations.

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Strength and Conditioning for Collegiate Trampolinists
By Callum Blades, CSCS | November 13, 2020

This article provides guidance on designing strength and conditioning programs for male collegiate trampolinists by combining the available sport science with practical coaching experience.

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The Effects of Altitude on Training and Racing Performance in Endurance Athletes
By Ryan Eckert, CSCS, NSCA-CPT | November 13, 2020

The goal of this article is to define some of the basic physiological responses to acute and chronic altitude exposure and to provide some evidence-based, practical guidelines when approaching training and racing at higher altitudes.

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