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Prescription Exercise Programming in Preparation for the Army Combat Fitness Test
By Jennifer Lentz | February 24, 2023

This article discusses the importance and impact a qualified fitness professional on the fitness and readiness of soldiers for the United States Army.

Strength Classification and Diagnosis: Not All Strength is Created Equal
By Adam Virgile, CSCS | February 17, 2023

This article presents a contemporary, evidence-based, and practical framework that reduces the many strength and speed-strength metrics into five distinct qualities.

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Ice Hockey Special Considerations – The Goaltenders
By Tammy Kovaluk, CSCS | February 17, 2023

The purpose of this article is to investigate a few important considerations for the ice hockey goaltender: common injuries, specific physical characteristics and conditioning, and the mental game.

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Correlating Sex-Specific Military Performance Training to Collegiate Lacrosse
By Allison Brager, Tina Burke, Lieutenant Francis Orlando, Aaron John Droege, CSCS, J. Nathan Wilder, CSCS, Peter Lisman, and Devon Dobrosielski | February 10, 2023

This article examines training from collegiate lacrosse programs and how this data can be used to develop data-informed recommendations and refine current approaches towards preparing military and tactical personnel for the Army Combat Fitness Test.

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