Why Choose CASCE Accreditation

Accreditation adds value to a program and institution. CASCE accreditation is chosen by programs looking to be seen as a leader in strength and conditioning education. The high-level quality assurance of accreditation provides students (prospective, current, and graduates) the confidence in their choice of institution. And ultimately, only graduates of CASCE accredited programs will qualify to sit for the Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) exam. This ensures that the industry is supplied with professionals who know how to safeguard their athletes from unnecessary injury, while elevating the credibility and necessity of the profession in the eyes of the public.

CASCE Accreditation Benefits

Programs benefit from…

  • Stronger recruitment of high-performing students and faculty and enrollment growth
  • Proof of credibility for your program’s advertised quality and outcomes
  • Formal recognition of your program’s relevance to the industry
  • Elevated program value connected to the reputation of the NSCA and the CSCS
  • The opportunity to lead the development of the field though your graduates

Students benefit from…

  • Automatic qualification to sit for the CSCS certification exam, the “gold standard” certification for the profession
  • Authoritative assurance that the program will prepare them with knowledge and skills to meet industry standards
  • A top tier education that sets graduates apart in the eyes of potential employers

The Industry benefits from…

  • Well-qualified candidates for a rapidly growing market 
  • Consistent training of graduates entering the field
  • Momentum for industry progress necessary to keep the field relevant
  • Satisfied state regulators who see an industry that strives for a prepared workforce equipped to contribute to the changing landscape 


Your Path to Becoming a CSCS-ready Program

Beginning in 2030, to be eligible to sit for the CSCS exam, candidates must hold at least a bachelor’s degree from a program relating to strength and conditioning and accredited by an NSCA-approved accrediting agency. By choosing CASCE accreditation, you provide your graduates with the value of being automatically qualified to gain the CSCS — one of the industry’s most prestigious certifications.

CASCE has worked directly with well-respected strength and conditioning professionals to develop educational guidelines to prepare students with the knowledge and skills required by the CSCS exam. Not only does your program gain the value of devoted industry professionals, but it also gains the prestige that supports recruitment efforts.


CASCE Accreditation Delivers More Than Quality Assurance

The CASCE Accreditation process provides a consistent and reliable indicator of your program’s strengths and weaknesses — delivering insight for growth and improvement. Throughout the self-study and site visit, your faculty and institution leadership will gain a better understanding of the program’s needs and impact. Self-reflection can be uncomfortable, but the Council provides guidance and support to help you bridge the gap. From your first questions, to your application, approval, and maintenance, CASCE provides the help and advice you need to pursue educational excellence.


Anyone currently holding the CSCS credential or earning a CSCS credential before December 31, 2029 will not be affected by the new degree requirement.

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