Continuing Education
  • Continuing Education
    In order to remain certified, the NSCA requires that all certificants complete a certain number of Continuing Education Units (CEUs) every three years. To support this, the NSCA offers continuing education year-round – attend one of our amazing events, or test your knowledge with a webinar or quiz. The NSCA even sanctions certain third-party providers. Read on to learn more about continuing education.
  • The purpose of continuing education is to require that certified individuals stay abreast of evolving knowledge and skills in the profession, and to promote the ongoing competency of those certified. Because scientific knowledge, training techniques, and equipment are continuously evolving in strength and conditioning, periodic reporting of continuing education is needed to ensure that certified individuals are continually competent. 2018-2020 Recertification Policies & Procedures (PDF) 

    This is applicable for all four NSCA certifications: 

    checkmark  Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS®)
    checkmark  Certified Special Population Specialist (CSPS®)
    checkmark  NSCA-Certified Personal Trainer (NSCA-CPT®)
    checkmark  Tactical Strength and Conditioning Facilitator (TSAC-F®)  

    Educational activity started before the certification date cannot be applied for CEUs. CEUs must be completed between January 1, 2018 or the date of certification (whichever date is latest) and the end of the recertification cycle, December 31, 2020.

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