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In order to maintain a certification, the NSCA requires that all certificants complete a certain number of Continuing Education Units (CEUs) every three years.The purpose of continuing education is to require that certified individuals stay abreast of evolving knowledge and skills in the profession, and to promote the ongoing competency of those certified. Because scientific knowledge, training techniques, and equipment are continuously evolving in strength and conditioning, periodic reporting of continuing education is needed to ensure that certified individuals are continually competent.

Understanding Continuing Education Units (CEU) Categories

CEU opportunities are divided up into four categories that group similar types of CEU opportunities together. There is a limit to the number of CEUs for each category to encourage individuals to get a variety of CEU types. 

CEU Opportunities

The NSCA is committed to providing quality education opportunities, particularly for NSCA certificants needing to earn CEUs toward recertification. These opportunities take many forms, including CEU quizzes, third-party CEU approved activities, NSCA events, and more.

NSCA CEU Opportunities

Browse the sortable list of NSCA quizzes, events, and other CEU opportunities

Non-NSCA CEU Opportunities

View (non-NSCA) live events by region and home-study activities by category

Report CEUs

The online CEU reporting process is a convenient way to review, record, and stay on top of your CEU progress for the current recertification cycle. 


  • How many CEU’s do I need to report?

    The CEU requirement is based on your certification date. Please refer to the chart on the CEU Category page for the amount required.

    CEU Categories
  • How many CEUs is an activity worth?

    You can find a list of CEU activities and values in the different Category sections in the Recertification Policies and Procedures PDF.

    Download PDF
  • What if i hold multiple certifications?

    If you hold multiple credentials, the same policies and procedures apply. You do not, however, need to submit 6.0 CEUs separately for each certification. For example, if you became CSCS and NSCA-CPT certified before January 1, 2018, you are only required to submit a total of 6.0 CEUs for the 2018 – 2020 reporting period. A more complex scenario exists if you became CSCS and NSCA-CPT certified at different times during the 2018 – 2020 reporting period. Special attention must be paid to the dates on your certificates to assure that the required CEUs are completed after those dates. Certificants are encouraged to contact the NSCA if there is confusion regarding recertification requirements.

  • What is Acceptable content for CEUs?

    Only continuing education content that directly relates to the scope of practice and detailed content outline (DCO) of a NSCA certification exam will be accepted. The following are only examples of acceptable and unacceptable content. Certificants with questions regarding the acceptability of a particular activity’s content should contact the NSCA prior to engaging in the activity for credit. 

    For examples download the Recertification Policies & Procedures PDF.

    Download PDF
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