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Hockey Strength and Conditioning Clinic


2018 Hockey S&C Clinic

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 NSCA Hockey Strength and Conditioning Clinic 

June 8 - 9, 2018 | Colorado Springs, CO | 1.5 CEUs

Give your athletes a competitive edge on the ice by developing speed, agility, and quickness inside the weight room. Master off-season training, skill development drills, and performance-based nutrition strategies from NHL and collegiate level coaches with years of experience in the rink. Learn the latest training methods backed by science to help your players dominate the competition. 

Whether you train youth athletes, collegiate teams, or NHL professionals, the NSCA Hockey Strength and Conditioning Clinic is for coaches of all levels. Aside from learning new skills, capitalize on networking opportunities with the pros and other experts in your industry.  

Join us for the 5th annual NSCA Hockey Strength and Conditioning Clinic

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 on-site registration is available Friday 7:00am - 7:50am 

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Free CATAPULT Hockey Performance Workshop June 7, 2018 separate registration required


 2018 Hockey S&C Clinic

Accommodations within walking distance: 

DoubleTree by Hilton Colorado Springs (0.9 miles)

 Address: 1775 E Cheyenne Mountain Blvd, Colorado Springs, CO 80906

 Phone: (719) 576-8900



Hampton Inn & Suites Colorado Springs/I-25 South (0.5 miles)

 Address: 2910 Geyser Dr, Colorado Springs, CO 80906

 Phone: (719) 884-0330 



2018 Hockey S&C Clinic

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 2018 Hockey S&C Clinic


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Experience the Event in Person

Online registration is now closed,
on-site registration is available Friday 7:00am - 7:50am

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Event Itinerary

Friday, June 8

6:30am-7:45amEarly Bird Workout
8:00am-8:50 amIsometrics: Implications for Program Design
9:00am-9:50 amConsiderations for Speed, Agility and Movement in Ice Hockey
10:00am-11:20amGames in Training

Lunch/Workout Time 

Lunch Provided

1:00pm-1:50pmMicro Planning the Off-Season: A Morphocyclic Approach
2:00pm-2:50pmConsiderations for Speed, Agility and Movement in Ice Hockey
3:00pm-4:20pmUsing Data to Drive Program Design
4:30pm-5:20pmRound Table w/ Presenters
6:00pm-9:00pmSocial w/ presenters (all attendee’s Invited)

Session Descriptions
1.) Identify the benefits of isometric training
2.) Understand the various methods of isometric training
3.) When/How to program isometrics throughout the training year
1) Participants will be introduced to the foundations necessary to build effective speed, agility programs for ice hockey. Principles including speed with purpose, strength volumes, and movement strategies for optimal hip and core health.
1) Discover the benefits of game play in a training environment, and how it can help performance.
2) Leverage game mechanics to engage athletes and create enjoyable training sessions.
3) Play a number of games you can take home and use with your athletes next week."
1) The Morphocycle: What? Why? How?
2) Design off-season programs based on weekly micro cycles
3) Identify Complimentary training means
1) Provide detail examples of practical progressions for speed, agility and movement training for the ice hockey player. Examples will be provided from the simple movement to advanced.
Event Itinerary

Saturday, June 9

6:30am-7:30amEarly Bird Workout
8:00am-9:20amA Collaborative Approach to Injury Prevention in Professional Hockey
9:30am-10:20amGame Day Nutrition
10:30am-11:20amHow to Design a Holistic Monitoring System at Different Experience and Budget Levels
11:30am-1:00pmLunch/Workout time provided
1:00pm-1:50pmHow to Design a Holistic Monitoring System at Different Experience and Budget Levels
2:00pm-3:20pmInitial Phases of Off-Season Training

Session Descriptions
1) Participants will be able to identify common imbalances in movement patterns and prescribe corrective exercises to reduce injury and improve performance.

2) Participants will be able to explain the components of a comprehensive sports performance team and the role that each professional plays in the reduction of injuries.
1) Identify the key nutrients that fuel your hockey potential.
2) Create a four-phase game day nutrition strategy to support the best possible hockey performance and recovery.
3) Properly apply special recovery strategies for the off-season and in-season. "
1) Help coaches understand how to apply sport technology and sport science they are using.
2) Help coaches to adapt a system that creates daily change and assists in
decision making.
3) Educate coaches on what that looks like in the private sector and team setting.
4) Clear any confusion or muddy water of what a sport science program looks like."
1) Provide actionable ideas behind sport science
2) Show how to implement a system of applied sport science into a strength and conditioning program
1) Identify risks of athletes coming back from their seasons
2) Program design to minimize risks of injury
3) Improve athleticism in hockey players