Dietary Fat and Performance
    Dietary fat has both long-term and short-term effects on an athlete and athletic performance. “Fat loading” as a strategy to improve athletic performance remains unproven.
    Considerations for Decreasing Injury Risk during Physical Training
    The purpose of this article is to provide suggestions for professional practices that will decrease the risk of injury during physical conditioning and promote a safe and productive training environment.
    UCLA Bruins Soccer Weight Training
    Tradition slates soccer as a predominantly aerobic sport with little focus on weight training. However, it has been shown that even back in the late 80s, using weight training can help to become successful in soccer.
    Boost Your Resume and Professional Standing – Get Published
    Learn ways to boost your resume by authoring NSCA articles. Available publications, links to guidelines, and who to contact for more information are presented in this article.
    Understanding the Conjugated Sequencing Model
    Advanced athletes may require a more sophisticated programming model to achieve their goals. Here is a brief overview of the conjugated sequencing model that many coaches may find beneficial.
    Maximum Strength and Strength Training - A Relationship to Endurance?
    Endurance training is very popular amongst the general public. This article explains the role and importance of strength training in improving endurance performance.
    Six Essentials to Safe Participation
    Hydration, footwear, and exercise frequency are only a few of the essentials to safe participation in cardiovascular activity. Make sure to include all six essentials in your program to ensure safe participation.
    Tactical Training: Stick to the Basics to Avoid Event Training
    There is some benefit to exercise simulation, a certain required task should not be the foundation of a tactical athlete’s exercise program.
    From the NSCA Foundation: An Intro to Grants and Scholarships
    Did you know the NSCA Foundation’s mission is to provide funding for educational and research activities that enhance the practical application of strength and conditioning? Learn more!
    Becoming a Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) From the Ground Up
    This career series article provides direction on how to become a personal trainer. Robert Linkul covers topics such as obtaining a personal trainer certification, personal trainer jobs, and personal trainer insurance. He also answers the question, "how much do personal trainers make" by providing insight into the average personal trainer salary based on experience and additional fitness certifications.