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Established in 2007, the NSCA Foundation is a non-profit dedicated to advancing practical applications in strength and conditioning. We've awarded 194 research grants and 649 scholarships, totaling over $3.3M to support NSCA members in their educational and research pursuits.

Our mission is to enhance the practical applications of strength and conditioning by aligning with the NSCA's mission.

The NSCA Foundation at Work

"Receiving the NSCA Women's Scholarship has allowed me to take full advantage of opportunities outside of my graduate program that have enhanced my educational experience and will help me achieve my professional goals."
Dr. Katie Hirsch

2017 Women's Scholarship, 2018 & 2019 Challenge Scholarship Recipient, 2018 Graduate Research Grant-Doctoral

"The NSCA Grants program is hugely beneficial since it ais one of the only initiatives by any organization to fund sport science research, in addition to offering funding for Master’s students all the way to Senior Investigators. The grants program goes to fulfill the mission of the NSCA to support and disseminate research-based knowledge and its practical application."
Dr. Brian Schilling

2011 Young Investigator Grant Recipient

"Every grant and scholarship that is awarded does not only have a direct impact on the researchers who receive the funding, but they impact every future athlete who benefits from the knowledge the researchers contribute to the field. Thus, the true impact of this funding is difficult to quantify, but the impact is certainly massive and lasting."
Dr. Anthony Ciccone

2015 & 2016 Challenge Scholarship Recipient

"I am so thankful for having received an NSCA Foundation Grant. The grant has allowed me to carry out an intricate and innovative study for my dissertation that would not have been otherwise possible."
Dr. Danielle Levitt

2014 Graduate Research Grant-Master, 2015 Challenge Scholarship, 2016 Women's Scholarship, 20016 Graduate Research Grant-Doctoral Recipient

Make a Lasting Imact

The NSCA Foundation owes its existence to the incredible generosity of the NSCA community. Although our commitment is to assist as many applicants as possible, each year the list of exceptional candidates continues to grow, and we cannot fund them all.

Today, we invite you to be a part of shaping the future of strength and conditioning by contributing your financial support, driven by your passion. Every donation, regardless of its size, directly fuels the Foundation's programs, with no overhead costs. Those wishing to make a donation of $200 or more will become esteemed members of our Partners of Excellence Program.

Your donations are the driving force behind our initiatives, whether it's helping to cover educational expenses through our Scholarship program or advancing the profession and supporting research grants for the next generation of strength and conditioning professionals. Your support is invaluable.

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