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    Maximum Strength and Strength Training - A Relationship to Endurance?
    Endurance training is very popular amongst the general public. This article explains the role and importance of strength training in improving endurance performance.
    Tactical Training: Stick to the Basics to Avoid Event Training
    There is some benefit to exercise simulation, a certain required task should not be the foundation of a tactical athlete’s exercise program.
    Quantification of the Aerobic Component in Strength/Conditioning Programs
    The development of aerobic conditioning in athletic performance, regardless of sport, is extremely important. This article provides the benefits and adaptations that aerobic training provides to all sports.
    Everyday Physical Tasks Required of Law Enforcement Officers
    During encounters in which every second counts, even small advantages can optimize performance and ensure that law enforcement officers will go home at the end of every shift.
    College Baseball/Softball Periodized Torso Program
    Baseball and softball are rotational sports and demand specific rotational movements in training. Balanced training should include both the anterior and posterior musculature of the torso.
    The Role of Resistance Exercise in Weight Loss
    Weight loss is one of the most common reasons a client hires a personal trainer. This article reviews the role of resistance training on weight loss and offers practical training tips to help clients reach their weight loss goals.
    Managing Firefighter Fatigue
    Central nervous system (CNS) fatigue can and should be managed within tactical strength and conditioning programs.
    Biomechanics of the Snatch: Toward a Higher Training Efficiency
    Coaches know that better technique increase performance and decreases the risk of injury. This article examines snatch technique and what increasing movement efficiency does to the energy requirements.
    Extreme Exercise for Mental Toughness and Selection: Effective Training or Errant Bullying? (Part II)
    Mental toughness involves training five skills that can be periodized within a strength and conditioning program to assist the tactical athlete with difficult times in a preemptive manner.
    Is Strength and Conditioning Necessary for the Youth Football Athlete?
    Youth weight training is often misunderstood. However, as more injuries occur in youth football, we have to ask if strength and conditioning could help prevent both the severity and frequency of injuries.