2014 Connecticut State Clinic

  • Connecticut State Clinic

    Date: August 23, 2014

    Newtown Youth Academy
    4 Primrose Street
    Newtown, CT 06470

    Hosted by:
    Patrick Mediate, MS, CSCS,*D
    +1 203-767-2074

    CEUs: NSCA 0.6, BOC 6.0


    Topics and speakers subject to change without prior notification.

    This clinic may have hands on sessions. Participants are asked to dress comfortably and only participate within their physical limitations.

    Connecticut State Clinic
    August 23, 2014

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    Speaker, topic, and format subject to change without prior notification


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    Event Itinerary

    Saturday, August 23

    8:15am-8:45amCheck-in and On-site Registration
    9:00am-10:00amDeveloping a Speed and Performance Program
    10:00am-11:00amHow Hormones and Nutrition Dictate Training Protocols
    11:00am-12:00pmTraining the Female Athlete: The Missing Link to Women’s Wellness, Rehab and Injury Prevention
    12:00pm-1:00pmLunch (provided)
    1:00pm-2:00pmMovement: Training Strategies for Lifelong Physical Activity
    2:00pm-3:00pmOlympic Lifts for All
    3:00pm-4:00pmInnovative Approaches to Improve Performance and the Personal Trainers Role in Training Youth

    Session Descriptions
    by Patrick Mediate, NSCA CT State Director
    Speed training program design and exercise prescription for the competitive athlete and the personal trainer as well as demonstrate proven movements and coaching tips for success.
    The success of any training program is dependent on the triangle of performance - fitness, biochemistry and nutrition. As trainers we cover fitness. Nutrition and biochemistry have a profound effect on the performance of our clients. This talk will be focused on common factors in biochemistry and nutrition to be aware of as trainers that can help us help our clients.
    Pelvic floor dysfunction, incontinence, prenatal and postpartum conditions, running injury and prevention, and many other orthopedic injuries and conditions are specific to women. This presentation will demonstrate the specific movements to helping women prevent injury and strengthen the pelvic floor through training
    Movement strategies for all ages have a direct correlation on the proper form and success in training. Motor patterns are established at a young age and carry over as we age. Most injuries occur because we have an imbalance in our muscular and skeletal system. These corrective patterns are crucial in our development.
    Hands-on: The use of free weight and the Olympic movements will help in power production for all sports. The ability to shorten the training time of workouts and produce better results on the court and field is the basis of this talk and demonstration.
    Hands-on: Minimal equipment and the ability to train groups and teams with medicine balls and bands is the focus of this presentation, as well as unique ways that give you the ability to produce success with young high school and pre-college athletes.