Continuing Education

In order to remain certified, the NSCA requires that each certified individual maintain current CPR certification and complete the Continuing Education Unit (CEU) requirements before December 31, 2014.

CEU Reporting

Online CEU reporting is now available!

CEU Requirements

Continuing education encourages certified individuals to stay abreast of evolving knowledge and skills in the profession.

Recertification with Distinction

A recognition program that honors certified professionals who have shown exemplary involvement in the NSCA.

Certification Revocation

Forget to report CEUs for the 2009-2011 reporting period? Fill out the Appeal Form now!

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Important Recertification Policy Changes

Review the changes that were made to the recertification policies for the current reporting period.

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Calendar of Events

See the monthly calendar of all NSCA-sponsored activities.

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Deployed Military Recertification Information

An exemption is available to active military personnel who have been deployed during a recertification cycle. Download the guidelines for this exemption.

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Continuing Education