Foundation Alumni Testimonials

NSCA Foundation program alumni share the profound impact that programs had on them. Looking for more? Explore our captivating Voices of Innovation video series on NSCA TV at, and discover the transformational impact of our programs.

Dr. Ethan Hill, Scholarship Recipient
This scholarship assisted with expenses that would have otherwise distracted me from my academic and research abilities.


Dr. Ran Wang, Scholarship Recipient
The scholarship provided support to go to academic conferences and the chance to communication with scientists and coaches. My CV became better due to this scholarship and I believe the scholarship helped me get a job.


Dr. John Harry, Grant Recipient 
I strongly suggest all future and early-career strength and conditioning researchers and practitioners consider applying for funding from the NSCA Foundation!


Dr. Brian Gearity, Scholarship Recipient
When I received the NSCA Foundation Scholarship, I was a graduate assistant strength and conditioning coach, which of course means I lived with multiple roommates, looked for a free meal wherever I could find one, and barely had enough cash for gas to the weight room! The scholarship was a help financially and psychologically. It was an honor to see the hard work recognized by our leading national organization and its supporters. Scholarships such as this help many new coaches gain experience while providing quality coaching to thousands of athletes.


Dr. Philip Worts, Scholarship Recipient
The NSCA Foundation Scholarship was critical for my progress towards my PhD and to develop my CV. Financial support for students pursuing advanced degrees are absolutely vital.

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