NSCAF BOD Minutes - February 1, 2013

Minutes of the NSCA Foundation Board of Directors Teleconference Meeting held February 1, 2013 1:30 pm central time.

Members present: Joan Eckerson, Brian Schilling, John Wingender, Todd Miller, and Tammy Evetovich

Called to order by Dr. Eckerson

I. Nominate Tammy Evetovich for Secretary (Dr. Eckerson)

  • Seconded (Dr. Miller)
  • Motion Carried

II. Dr. Eckerson appointed Dr. Schilling to be the BOD Representative for Scholarship Committee

III. Report on where we currently stand:

  • $3,756,189 12/30/2011
  • $4,100,542 12/31/2012
  • Aggregate value change: $344,353 (+9.1%)
  • 5% of the average of the last 12 quarters available for grants/scholarships in 2013
  • $3,785,151 X .05 = $189,258
  • Half to grants and half to scholarships ($94,629)
  • GNC increased their contribution to $20,000
    • $2,500 GNC Nutritional Research Grant
    • $2,500 Master’s grants
    • $5,000 Doctoral grants
    • $10,000 Young Investigator
  • NSCA $50,000 International Collaboration Grant
  • Total grants allocation: $164,629
  • Grand total grants/scholarships allocation: $259,258

GNC initially designated $1,500 for travel grants – because there was not enough time to get an application developed and on the website, GNC gave permission to add the $1,500 to YI grant.

IV. Dr. Eckerson brought forth a discussion with regard to a grant reporting form. In addition, we do not have an official policy on extensions and what we would do if an individual awarded a grant does not complete the project or perhaps mismanages the grant funds.

Motion – It is recommended that the Research Committee develop A) a grant reporting form and B) a method to use that form so that we are assured that it was completed by the awardees and can be accessed should they apply for a grant again in the future. (Dr. Schilling)

  • Seconded (Dr. Miller)
  • Motion carried
  • Dr. Eckerson will give them some kind of idea as to what should be included on the form.

Motion – It is recommended that the Research Committee develop a policy statement for grants to be included in the application process with regard to the expectation that grant monies be used properly and projects be completed in a timely manner. (Dr. Evetovich)

  • Seconded (Dr. Wingender)
  • Motion carried

V. General Discussion on how funds are awarded for grants and scholarships

  • Grants are written to the University
  • Scholarships are written to the person – they can use it however they wish to fund their education
  • Challenge scholarship wording on the website may need to change, says specifically must be used for tuition. Does it need to be less specific?

VI. SEI Account –

  • Real Estate Investment Trusts (REIT) generate about $5,000 in dividends per month. Currently, the money is reinvested into the REIT accounts
  • Motion – It is recommended that the NSCAF reinvest the cash flow from the REIT accounts and funds deposited by the NSCA into the SEI account. (Dr. Eckerson)
  • Seconded – (Dr. Miller)
  • Motion carried

Next NSCAF Meeting Thursday, July 11th at 2:30 at NSCA National Conference

Meeting to adjourn at 2:06 pm central time

Respectfully submitted by Tammy K. Evetovich, NSCAF Secretary

Copyright (c) 1999-2012 National Strength and Conditioning Association. Use with permission. All rights reserved. 

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