NSCAF BOD Minutes - July 12, 2008

Meeting held in Las Vegas, NV, July 12, 2008 - 10am

In attendance: Joe Weir, Larry Weiss, Jeff Stout

    1. Introduction – Joe Weir
    2. Jeff Stout replaced Carlos Santana as the NSCA BOD designee
    3. Joan Eckerson elected to replace Larry Weiss
    4. Election of officers for 2008-2009.
      1. Joe Weir was re-elected President. Jeff Stout was elected Vice President. Incoming member Dr. Joan Eckerson was elected Secretary/Treasurer. All votes were unanimous.
    5. Investment Strategy.
      1. A variety of investment strategies was discussed. It was unanimously voted that Joe Weir would further investigate the hiring of Martin Capital Management and the SEI Advisor Network.
    6. Spending Policy.
      1. It was unanimously voted to adopt a spending policy as follows: On January 15 of each year, the average of the NSCAF assets over the previous twelve quarters will be calculated. An amount equal to 5% of the average calculated on Jan. 15 will be dedicated to funding of scholarships and grants for that year.
    7. Name Change.
      1. Joe Weir reported that the NSCA Board of Directors had approved the name change of the Foundation from the National Strength and Conditioning Foundation to the National Strength and Conditioning Association Foundation (NSCAF).
    8. 2008 Funded Scholarships and Grants.
      1. Joe Weir reported that, in total, the following funding was approved by various NSCA committees:
      2. Approximately $35,000 in student research grants.
      3. Approximately $10,000 for one young investigator award.
      4. Approximately $19,000 for scholarships.

Not all of these grants and scholarships are funded by the NSCA as money also comes from corporate sponsors and individual donors. It was unclear exactly how much would be needed from NSCAF funds this year.

  1. Terms of Service.
    1. The terms of service for the current NSCAF board of directors was discussed. The term of service for Larry Weiss expired following the meeting. The NSCA board of directors had approved Dr. Joan Eckerson to replace Dr. Weiss. She has three years of service so her term will end in 2011. Dr. Stout fills the NSCA board of directors slot previously held by Juan Carlos Santana. Dr. Stout has two years of service left so his term will expire in 2010. Dr. Weir has one year left of the NSCAF board of directors so his last meeting will be in July 2009.
  2. Meeting adjourned at 11am.  

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