NSCAF BOD Minutes - July 9, 2011

NSCA Foundation Board of Director’s Meeting – July 9, 2011, Paris Hotel – Las Vegas, NV; 11:00 am

In attendance: NSCA Board members Lee Brown (President), Jill Bush (Vice President), and Joan Eckerson (Secretary/Treasurer), NSCA President-elect Steve Fleck, Lee Madden, Kim Ginter 

Lee Brown called the meeting to order at 11:05 am 

Lee Brown announced that Joan Eckerson was elected for a second term to the Board and that during his final year as President of the NSCAF, Joan will be included on monthly conference calls with our investor, John Martin, as well Lee Madden in preparation to serve as NSCAF President if approved by other members of the Board. 

Kim Ginter reported that in the next fiscal year the NSCA Board of Director’s (BOD) will provide the NSCAF a maximum of $150,000 from book royalties, as well as $50,000 for the International Collaboration Grant. The BOD has also requested a report from each of the grant recipients to indicate how money was spent, the progress of the project, plans for publication/presentation, etc. The chair of the Research Committee will be notified to develop a reporting form. Jill Bush also commented that scholarship awardees may also be contacted to volunteer information regarding how recipients are using their scholarship, but no formal requests are being called for at this time. 

Lee Brown reported that the NSCAF needs to develop procedures for the scholarship and grant review sub-committees including rotation of membership, term of service, responsibilities, etc. Joan Eckerson will develop a draft for each sub-committee by July 31, 2011 for review and discussion at the next NSCAF Board meeting. 

Jill Bush asked for clarification regarding whether or not the grants and scholarship review committees are standing committees of the NSCA, since separate meetings of those committees were included in the program at the 2011 national meeting. Lee Brown stated that the NSCA and NSCAF are two separate entities and that the grants and scholarship review sub-committees report to the NSCAF BOD and the NSCAF Board, in turn, reports to the NSCA BOD. Therefore, these sub-committees should meet as needed, but not be included in the official program at the national meeting. 

Given the growth of our portfolio in recent years, Lee suggested that the Board may wish to consider adding more members in the future. After some discussion regarding how many members to add and the process for appointment, the Board decided to re-visit the issue after further research. 

Lee Brown stated that during his term as NSCA President, the NSCA provided funding for a strength museum in Austin, TX and that he and several other members of the NSCA had recently been invited to attend the grand opening at the end of July. The NSCA agreed to pay the travel costs for the other members invited to the event, but requested that the NSCAF pay for Lee’s travel costs. Lee expressed some reservation, since this was a project that was initiated while he was NSCA President and that he sees this more as a function of the NSCA. Jill offered that fundraising events are a large part of foundations and that, given the growth of the NSCAF, this is an area that we need to begin to pursue, and indicated that sponsoring Lee’s travel may provide an opportunity to meet potential donors who may consider contributing to the NSCAF in the future. Steve suggested that if the NSCAF moves in this direction that a ‘filter’ would be necessary to determine the interests of potential donors before they are approached. Lee indicated that he would talk to the curators of the museum to determine what the interests of potential donors at the grand opening may be, and that a decision to fund his travel should be made after he has had a chance to discuss the issues with them. Lee also indicated that he would be willing to fund the trip using his own personal funds if necessary. 

Jill met with the grants committee and reported that the review committee appreciated the new evaluation process and that the March 1 deadline that was implemented this year would likely continue. It was also suggested that Joan and Jill work more closely with the BOD to better market grant and scholarship opportunities sponsored by the NSCAF. 

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 11:35 am.

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