NSCF BOD Minutes - July 14, 2007

Meeting held in Atlanta, GA, July 14, 2007-10am

In attendance: Joe Weir, Larry Weiss, Lee Brown, Carlos Santana

  1. Introduction – Joe Weir
  2. Carlos Santana replaced Lee Brown as the NSCA BOD designee
  3. Motion to change the name of the NSCF to the NSCAF by Larry Weiss, second by Joe Weir
    1. Motion passed
  4. Clark Ginter provided information re: different portfolio options through financial services. Based on the relatively high fees and extremely conservative investment options provided, it was unanimously voted to pursue one of two options: 1) invest NSCAF assets in a mixed portfolio using low cost index funds via Vanguard, or 2) pursue another investment firm with more experience handling clients such as endowments and foundations. Joe was charged with investigating these options.
  5. Meeting adjourned at 11am.  

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