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Thank you for bearing with us while we deal with a few website issues. Learn More.

Partners of Excellence

Make a difference in the lives of tomorrow’s leaders by becoming a Partner of Excellence!


For over a decade, the NSCA Foundation has provided financial support to educational and research endeavors in the strength and conditioning industry. Through generous donations of NSCA members, the NSCA Foundation has funded over $2 million in grants and scholarships to outstanding individuals in the field. Those who support Partners of Excellence are the NSCA’s most loyal members – they are doing their part in financially supporting the leaders of tomorrow. 

We would like to personally thank the following NSCA members who have partnered with the NSCA Foundations Partners of Excellence Program. 

Champion | $166.66 per month/12 months = $2,000

Brian Gearity (2022)
Chicago Bears (2022)
Dallas Cowboys (2022)
Gene and Jerry Jones Family Foundation (2022)
Dan Cordell (2017, 2019)
Donna Borden (2021)
Gunnar Peterson (2018)
Michael Butler (2018, 2020, 2021, 2022)
N. Travis Triplett  (2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022)
Nate Palin (2019, 2020)
New York Giants (2022)
New York Jets (2022)
Robb Orr (2019)
Vitalyon Foundation (2019, 2020, 2021, 2022)

Advocate | $33.75 per month/12 months = $405 

Andrea Hudy (2017, 2018 & 2019)
Anthony DiBenedetto (2017, 2018 & 2019) 
Brian Gearity (2019, 2020) 
Dan Cordell ( 2018) 
Edgar Lim (2020)
Excelerated Performance Training (2019) 
Gunnar Peterson (2019)
Joe Staub (2022)
Joel DeMarco (2022)
Michael Massik (2019)
Norman D. Wathen (2022)
Robert Jones (2020)
Robert Linkul (2021, 2022)
Thomas Baechle (2019) 
Thomas Cormier (2018) 
WindStar Studios (2018) 

Supporter | $16.66 per month/12 months = $200

Adam Ducharme (2018, 2019) 
Brian Gearity (2017, 2018, 2021) 
Brent Alvar (2022)
Chad Landers (2018) 
Chris Sassouni (2017)
Don Melrose (2021, 2022)
Edgar Lim (2021, 2022)
Helen Binkley (2019, 2020, 2021, 2022) 
Jason Dudley (2017)
Jill Bush (2022)
Joan Eckerson (2020)
Jerry Mayhew (2020)
John Reyes (2020, 2021)
Krissy Kendall (2018, 2022)
Matt & Eli Fels-McDowell (2022)
Matt Stock (2022)
Margaret Jones (2019)
Michael Massik (2017, 2018, 2021, 2022)
Michael Miller (2018) 
Nicholas Arcangeli (2019)
Nicole Dabbs (2019, 2022) 
Patrea Aeschilman (2022)
Robert Gerber (2020)
Robert Lunn (2019) 
Robert Martin (2019) 
Robb Orr (2018)
Tammy Evetovich (2017) 
Thomas Beckvermit Jr. (2020)
Thomas Cormier (2019, 2020, 2022)
W. Mapp Young (2020)

Cup of Excellence ($5-$15) per month/12 months

Kevin Farley (2022)
Robert Linkul (2022)
Adam Swartzendruber (2022)


Partners of Excellence, serves as a platform to fund outstanding individuals in the strength and conditioning community, including coaches, faculty, and industry professionals. This financial support directly advances practical applications of the strength and conditioning field, and has supported NSCA members at all levels of education, from high school students to doctoral researchers. 

Your Support in Action

Donations from NSCA members have enabled us to support deserving individuals in a myriad of ways. Since its inception, the NSCA Foundation has awarded over: 

  • Over 180 grants and 500+ scholarships 
  • $148,000 for Minority Scholarships 
  • $223,000 for Women’s Scholarships 
  • $210,000 in grants to support Master level research 
  • $821,000 in grants to support Doctoral level research 
“When I received the NSCA Foundation Scholarship, I was a graduate assistant strength and conditioning coach, which of course means I lived with multiple roommates, looked for a free meal wherever I could find one, and barely had enough cash for gas to the weight room! The scholarship was a help financially and psychologically. Scholarships such as this help many new coaches gain experience while providing quality coaching to thousands of athletes.”
Brian Gearity, PhD, CSCS, FNSCA, ATC

Giving Opportunities & Benefits

Members of the NSCA Foundation’s Partners of Excellence are recognized with highly-esteemed benefits. Choose from these three levels of support: 

Supporter | $200 /$16.66 per month/12 months 

Equivalent to one National Conference Student Registration fee

Benefits include: 

  • Your name recognized on the NSCA Foundation Website 
  • Your name included on signage at National Conference 
  • A ribbon on your National Conference badge 

Advocate | $405 /$33.75 per month/12 months 

Equivalent to one CSCS exam fee plus NSCA Student Membership fee

All Supporter Benefits, plus: 

  • NSCA Foundation Gift

 Champion | $2,000 /$166.66 per month/12 months

Equivalent to one full NSCA Foundation scholarship

All Supporter and Advocate Benefits, plus:  

  • Invitation to the NSCA Annual Awards Dinner
  • Recognition certificate 


Will you do your part and join us in creating a stronger and smarter future? 

#NSCAStrong #NSCAStrong

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