Resistance Training for Older Adults

The purpose of this Position Statement is to provide an overview of the current and relevant literature, evaluate exercise program variables, and provide evidence-based recommendations for resistance training for older adults. Current research has demonstrated that countering muscle disuse through resistance training is a powerful intervention to combat muscle strength loss, muscle mass loss (sarcopenia), physiological vulnerability (frailty), and their debilitating consequences on physical functioning, mobility, independence, chronic disease management, psychological well-being, and quality of life.

A list of 11 summary statements for effective resistance training in older adults is presented in 4 parts. The goals of these recommendations are to (a) help foster a more unified and holistic approach to resistance training for older adults, (b) promote the health and functional benefits of resistance training for older adults, and (c) prevent or minimize fears and other barriers to implementation of resistance training programs for older adults.

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