NSCA Audit of Compliance

Every three years, we conduct an audit of NSCA certified individuals who have completed the recertification process. We require each randomly selected certificant to share documentation that shows proof of compliance with recertification requirements.

Why Does the NSCA Conduct an Audit?

A compliance audit helps safeguard the reputation and value of all NSCA certifications. It allows us to validate that our certificants are adhering to the recertification requirements for each credential earned. It’s also essential that we make certain our certificants maintain proficiency in the knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSAs) related to each NSCA certification.

The audit takes place every three years in conjunction with the recertification cycle. The three-year timeframe allows sufficient time for our certification requirements to keep pace with advancements in research, technology, and standards of practice.

“This [audit] is part of the NSCA’s overall quality control mechanism and is aligned with the National Commission for Certifying Agencies’ (NCCA) expectations for the maintenance of certification.” – ACS Ventures

What to Expect

Those selected for the audit will be required to submit their CEU documentation and current CPR/AED to the NSCA for verification. Audited Individuals will be mailed notification of their random selection no later than March 2021. Once contacted, individuals have 45 days to submit the documentation that supports the information previously submitted online or on the CEU Reporting Form.

If supporting documentation is not provided within 45 days, does not substantiate the activities reported, or is found not to meet CEU requirements (i.e., activity falls outside the scope of practice for the NSCA certification held), then the NSCA must deem that the conditions for recertification have not been met. Those individuals will not be recertified.

The Audit, Step-by-step:

  • The NSCA randomly selects a percentage of individuals who have recertified
  • Those selected for the audit are notified by mail between November 2020 and March 2021, depending on when recertification was completed
  • Audited individuals must provide proof of all reported CEUs, as listed on page 5 in the 2018-2020 Recertification Policies and Procedures (shown in the chart below)
  • Audited individuals must also provide proof of current CPR and AED certification
  • Documentation must be gathered and submitted to the NSCA within 45 days of receiving an audit notification
  • The NSCA will review and validate supplied documentation to determine compliance
  • If the documentation proves adherence to the requirements, the audited individual will maintain their certification
  • If the documentation shows non-compliance in any way, the audited individual’s credentials will be revoked
  • Certificates for the new cycle (2021-2023) will not be immediately available for those selected for the audit. New certificates will be available after passing the audit

Gathering and Submitting Documentation

Check your NSCA account or refer to the audit notification letter to help guide you as you gather your supporting documentation. Scan or photocopy your documents and ensure they are legible and clearly represent the activity they support. Submit the collected materials via email or mail. Be sure to submit your documentation all together at one time.

If emailing (preferred method), Please send all documents in a single e-mail instead of multiples, as this will delay the audit review. If mailing, please do not send original documents, as they will not be returned.

Once the audit has been reviewed and approved, a new certificate should be available within two weeks from the approval date.

NOTE: Supporting documentation for NSCA activities is not required, as long as the NSCA has records of your activity. You will only need to submit proof of activities completed through the NSCA if a record cannot be located. NSCA activities include attendance or presentation at an NSCA event, passed NSCA quiz (scoring 70 or higher), publication through the NSCA, one year of volunteer work completed with an NSCA Committee, and full-term NSCA internships.

Submit via email (preferred):

Send documents to recertify@nsca.com with the subject line: Recertification audit

If you cannot email documentation, please email us at recertify@nsca.com let us know you plan to mail your documentation. You may send copies of your documentation to the NSCA Attn: Certification Department, 1885 Bob Johnson Dr., Colorado Springs, CO, 80906. We recommend mailing with tracking information to ensure delivery to our offices.

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