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Shawn Myszka is currently the Pro Performance Director of Explosive Edge Athletics in Minneapolis, MN, which trains many of the top athletes in the state on all levels on an annual basis. Myszka is entrusted with the personal consulting of numerous NFL players, which solidifies him as one of the top go-to guys across the league for players to take their performance to the limits of their potential. He also serves as a consultant to coaches at numerous professional and collegiate athletic programs nationwide. He is a former National-level competitive bodybuilder who has become a sought-after clinician and leader in the field of sport-specific power development, the transfer of training to sport performance, and developing mastery in the movement of athletes at all levels of qualification. He is a frequent presenter at strength coach and sports conferences nationwide. At the beginning of 2014, he introduced a new brand, Movement Mastery, into the industry which has the purpose of helping training professionals of all kinds to understand the process involved in attaining optimal movement for athletes in all sporting disciplines more fully. Finally, he was a founding member of the Minnesota National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) Advisory Board and was voted the 2008 Minnesota NSCA Trainer of the Year.

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