Stephen P. Bird, PhD, CSCS, RSCC*E

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Dr Stephen Bird possess 20 years’ experience working within professional team settings and International sporting organisations in performance science, strength and conditioning, and athlete monitoring. Providing strategic development that leads best-practice and innovation in performance science empowering inter-disciplinary teams to focus on athlete-centred solutions that drives and optimizes performance enhancement, Dr Bird has worked extensively in basketball since 2012 within four National League Basketball teams, two Women’s National League Basketball teams, and two international teams. Dr Bird has held high performance roles in five countries Australia, Scotland, Indonesia, PNG, and Malaysia and has overseen elite athlete services for the Indonesian Olympic Committee covering two Olympic Game preparation cycles (2008 Beijing Olympics: 2007-2011; and 2016 Rio Olympics: 2012-2016). His portfolio responsible for overseeing athlete preparation and coach education for scheduled events by Olympic Council of Asia. Possessing extensive international competition experience, Dr Bird has attended Olympic Games x2; Commonwealth Games x1; World Championships x5; World Cups x7; Southeast Asian Games x4; and Asian Games x2, along with multiple international pre-competition training camps. In assisting youth athlete development and transition, Dr Bird served as the Director of Strength and Conditioning at the Western Region Academy of Sport (2006-2015) servicing ~1200 pre-elite youth athletes (14-20yrs) during this time and provided mentorship for more than 45 student-interns for which he received Inaugural Australian Strength & Conditioning Association Mentor Coach of the Year (2016) and the Western Region Academy of Sport Life Membership Award in recognition for services in strength and conditioning (2015). Dr Bird’s current research examines the application of strength and conditioning methods, nutritional supplementation and sports science technology on health and athletic performance.

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