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Andrew Thompson is a Senior Research Scientist with WestVirginia University (WVU) Medicines Rockefeller NeuroscienceInstitute. Their Human Performance Team seeks to maximizeathlete, military, clinical patient, and general population healthand performance through acceleration recovery, reduced injury,optimized readiness, and holistic wellness. Prior to this position,he completed his post-doctoral fellowship in applied cognitivesciences with the U.S. Army Natick Soldier Research, Development,and Engineering Centers (NSRDEC) Soldier PerformanceOptimization Directorate and Tufts Universitys Center for AppliedBrain and Cognitive Sciences. Thompson has also earned a PhDfrom Auburn University (motor learning and performance), as wellas a MS and BS from Old Dominion University (exercise physiologyand biomechanics, respectively). His research focuses on taking adiverse, interdisciplinary, and holistic approach to characterizing,predicting, and optimizing selection, skill acquisition/execution,and psychophysiological biomonitoring.

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