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Jim Cleveland is a fitness consultant who provides mobility,stability, and endurance testing; postural and gait assessment;lecturing; running training; program development andimplementation for strength; cardiovascular conditioning; andnutrition. He has worked in different settings with individuals, smallgroups, and large groups. Cleveland has served in the capacity aspresenter and lecturer for student courses, meetings, and seminars.Cleveland earned a Bachelor of Science degree from the Universityof South Carolina. He co-authored the book Your Fitness andNutrition Questions Answered by Benchmark Publishing Group.He was also a writer of fitness and nutrition articles for WatchFit,a two-time Readers Poll recipient of Best of Annapolis Running Coach, and received the Service Award from the UnitedStates Army Reserve for Army Combat Fitness Test training.Additionally, he is a World Instructor Training Schools CollegiateFaculty Member.

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