How to Apply for RSCC Designation

To apply you will need to fill out the online application, but first, please read the qualifications to ensure you are eligible. Applicants must achieve and maintain the NSCA certified Strength and conditioning Specialist (CSCS )certification. RSCC coaches will need to meet CEU requirements for the CSCS and recertify every three year cycle as well as complete the RSCC renewal course each year. There is a $100 application fee for RSCC and RSCC*D applicants. There is no fee for RSCC*E applicants.

Qualifications for Registered Strength and Conditioning Coaches

  • Applicants must maintain a current NSCA Membership. 
  • Applicants must achieve and maintain the NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist® (CSCS®) certification. 
  • Bachelor’s degree in exercise science or related field to strength and conditioning such as the "Scientific Foundations" domain of the CSCS® examination content description. Experience and certification may be considered in lieu of an exercise science (or related field) degree. 
  • Applicants must have a current Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) certification and Automated External Defibrillator (AED) certification.
  • Applicants must have employment as a full-time, designated strength and conditioning coach for two (or more) years in a professional team setting, college/university, high school (private sector experience may qualify, based on review), or two years as a graduate assistant in strength and conditioning at an institute recognized by the NSCA as a Graduate Education Recognition Program. 
  • The RSCC*D (Distinction) has the same requirements as RSCC, except 10 or more years of experience as a strength and conditioning coach. 
  • The RSCC*E (Emeritus) distinction has the same requirements as RSCC, except 20 years or more of experience as a strength and conditioning coach. There is no application or renewal fee for the RSCC*E.
  • An affirmation letter must be signed by a supervisor for each job position in consideration towards the RSCC, RSCC*D, or RSCC*E experience requirement. Use the link to download the affirmation letter template. By signing the RSCC application, the supervisor acknowledges that the candidate has demonstrated and conducted sport-specific testing sessions, designed and implemented safe and effective strength training and conditioning programs, and has the experience to be recognized with the Registered Strength and Conditioning Coach distinction. The NSCA will conduct a formalized assessment of the candidate’s practical and applied employment experience.
  • You must maintain a minimum of 2 NSCA approved Continuing Education Units (CEU’s) per year as a strength and conditioning professional.
  • Upgrade your current RSCC designation to *D or *E status by submitting the RSCC upgrade form.


Contact the NSCA about RSCC.


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