Digital NSCA Certificates and Badges

The NSCA is proud to provide digital access to your NSCA credentials offering immediate verifiable proof of your hard-earned achievement. All NSCA certified individuals will receive online access to their credentials through the Accredible platform. The system allows you to showcase your certificate, as well as a badge, signifying your certification. Celebrate your accomplishment while giving potential employers immediate verification of your credentials.

Highlight Your Achievements – Digitally!

You worked hard to earn your certification. With your digital certificate and badge, you can celebrate that you’ve met NSCA standards! Manage and share your credentials directly from your credential’s unique URL, where you can share to your social media accounts, add to your LinkedIn profile, or embed on your website.

How Digital Credentials Work

Your Certificate without the Wait

You no longer need to wait 6-8 weeks to receive an official certificate in the mail. Instead, our platform allows you immediate access to your NSCA certificate. Whether you’ve just passed your exam or if you are already certified, an email with a link will be sent to you. Simply follow the link to obtain a high-quality and print-ready certificate.

Badge of Achievement

Our credentialing system includes open badges — a verifiable digital representation of your credential. Celebrate your achievement by sharing your digital badge across your social platforms, including LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. Your badge is an image of the seal that corresponds with your earned certification. When someone clicks the badge, they can see what the achievement represents and that it belongs to you.

Secured with Blockchain

Every credential issued is blockchain registered. That means NSCA certificates are much harder to fake. Credentials are encoded with metadata showing who issued the certificate or badge, who it was issued to, and details about the certification, including when it will expire. Clicking the badge or certificate opens an online verification page showing whether or not the certification is real. This system makes sure those who have put in the time and effort to pass an NSCA exam are the only people gaining the benefit of an NSCA certification.

Directory of NSCA Certified Professionals – Coming Soon

The directory is a searchable database of all NSCA certified individuals. It provides a convenient option for those wishing to find NSCA professionals or verify their credentials. Individuals who make their certificate private are not displayed.

Updated Design

The NSCA is rolling out a refresh to our look and feel. Our digital certificates and badges for the 2021-2023 recertification cycle will feature the updated design.

How to Use Your Digital Credentials


When you become NSCA certified, you will receive a link via email to your unique Accredible URL — a page that displays your certificate and badge. From here you can manage how your credentials are seen and shared. Post to your social media accounts, add to your LinkedIn profile, or embed on your website, directly from your credential view page.

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