NSCA Recertified with Distinction (*D)

A *D after an NSCA credential indicates a person has recertified with distinction. While this distinction is available to everyone, it’s one of the ways the NSCA acknowledges members who volunteer, contribute, and play a significant role in fulfilling the NSCA’s mission.

How to Get *D

Step 1: Complete 10 CEU from NSCA CEU Opportunities

  • In order to recertify with distinction, you must first complete the standard recertification requirements (report CEUs in 2 different categories and pay recertification fee).
  • The 10 NSCA CEUs of NSCA activity are not pro-rated during the first recertification cycle, like the standard recertification CEUs are. Example: If you earn a certification during 2022, you are required to report a pro-rated amount of CEUs (2.0) and pay a pro-rated recertification fee. You are still required to report 10 NSCA CEU, regardless of certification date, when applying for *D.
  • Category maximums do not apply after standard recertification has been met.
  • If you hold more than one NSCA certification, additional NSCA CEUs will be required.

Step 2: Ensure the NSCA activity CEUs are entered. Select *D fee option on the Recertification Fee Payment page & Pay the additional fee

  • You will need to select the *D fee option on the CEU reporting page, after meeting the *D requirements.
  • Recertification with Distinction is free for members, or $25 for non-members.
  • The *D fee is an additional fee from the recertification fee.


Example of activities that count toward *D

NSCA CEU opportunities that count towards this distinction are activities that are paid for, or events that are registered for, through the NSCA’s website.

*D Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I get *D for multiple certifications?

A: Yes, 2 additional NSCA CEUs would need to be earned per additional certification. Example: If you hold the CSCS and NSCA-CPT, you would need 12 CEUs of activities completed through the NSCA.

Q: How do I display *D with my credentials?

A: You would list the certification, then a comma, then the *D (no spaces) Example: CSCS,*D

Q: Is *D forever? Or do I need to renew *D each cycle?

A: You would be required to meet the *D requirements every cycle, if you wish to maintain the *D status.

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