A Primer on Weightlifting: From Sport to Sports Training
  • A Primer on Weightlifting: From Sport to Sports Training
    Dynamic correspondence is extremely important for sports performance. Discover why weightlifting training methods are important to improvement in other strength and power sports.
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    Weightlifters have been shown to be some of the most powerful athletes in the world. The weightlifting movements (i.e., snatch, clean, and jerk) are very similar to athletic movements like jumping and can provide many benefits to strength and power athletes. Although contrary to popular belief, these movements are also relatively safe to perform—less injurious than common sports like basketball and football. This article will take you through some of the benefits and positive adaptations like body composition, motor learning, and neural changes that the weightlifting movements can provide.

    Loren Z.F. Chiu, MS, CSCS and Brian K. Schilling, PhD, CSCS
    Strength and Conditioning Journal, February 2005
    Volume 27, Number 1, pages 42-48

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