German Volume Training
  • German Volume Training
    A study that investigated the effect of modified German volume training on muscular hypertrophy and strength concluded that the modified German volume training program is no more effective than performing five sets per exercise for increasing muscle hypertrophy and strength. To maximize hypertrophic training effects, it is recommended that 4 – 6 sets per exercise be performed.
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    About the Author:

    Yann Le Meur, PhD

    Yann Le Meur is a French sport scientist with research interests in performance analysis, training methodology, prevention of overreaching, and recovery. He worked with several French Olympic teams in the Beijing (2008), London (2012), and Rio de Janeiro (2016) Olympic Games in both individual and team sports. Le Meur leads the scientific support at Association Sportive de Monaco Football Club. He is also a renowned blogger, publishing infographics to highlight practically relevant scientific research for coaches and athletes. You can follow his work at, on social media (@YLMSportScience), and discover his first book at

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      The issue I have with this study is the title. This workout has little in common with the original German Volume Training program that was published in Muscle Media magazine in 1996, which I edited, or the first appearance of this workout that appeared inmore» the July-September issue of Sports Coach.

      The problem is that many of the major loading parameters of the workout were changed. For example, those using the original workout were told to use a weight that they could perform for 10 sets of 10 reps with 60 seconds rest between sets. As such, you let the reps determine the load. This program started with 60 seconds rest but increased the rest time for the latter sets so that heavier weights could be used – as such, the training intensity was higher. Many other loading parameters were changed, such as tempo, set selection, and training splits.

      This study appears to follow all the stringent requirements demanded of NSCA research articles. It suggests that the lower volume workout THEY DESIGNED was more effective than the higher volume workout THEY DESIGNED. But again, their workout has little in common with the original German Volume Training program.

      Thank you,

      Kim Goss, MS, CSCS (since 1989)«less

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      Was there a specific workout that the 19 men did? was it the same workout every day of the week or 3 different workout one time a week?

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