Developing Bilateral Symmetry for Basketball Players—Considerations for the Use of Rotational Suspension Bodyweight Training

by Steve Hess MEd, MATS and Chris Camacho MA, CSCS
NSCA Coach January 2014
Vol 3, Issue 1


In order to develop athletes who can move optimally in multiple planes of motion, training should include elements that can challenge them in multiple planes while providing various resistance and proprioceptive challenges.

It is often difficult to develop the bilateral symmetry necessary to perform athletically at high levels, especially when there is a propensity for one side of the body to dominate muscular strength, balance, neural patterns, and movement. Take for example swinging a golf club or baseball bat. For these movements, the athlete is in a fixed stance, rotating their body in the transverse plane to perform the necessary athletic movement. 

It has been shown that if one were to take an athlete who swings, throws, or kicks for their sport, and ask that athlete to perform any sort of movement screen or muscular balance analysis, it would be likely that a muscular imbalance or dominance would be seen in nearly every athlete tested (2,9). For a sport like basketball that requires movement in all planes of motion, the value of bilateral symmetry cannot be discounted or unvalued. In addition, studies have shown that bilateral symmetry of the lower limbs is correlated with better jumping performance (3,6,7).

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