Effective Methods of Grip Strength Development

by Jace A. Derwin, CSCS, RSCC
NSCA Coach July 2013
Vol 2, Issue 3


Development of grip strength is often overlooked in traditional resistance training programs, but small program adjustments that target grip strength can be of benefit athletes.

Development of grip strength is often overlooked in traditional resistance training programs. This underdevelopment can manifest itself as a weak link in the kinetic chain involved in many field, combat, and rotational sports. Making small alterations to traditional movements and supplementing a periodized resistance training program with grip-specific movements may benefit athletes in a variety of ways.

Grip strengthening may be a secondary or tertiary goal in the annual development plan for athletes, but its training can be done with little expense or needs for special equipment. Small program adjustments that target grip strength and improve its function can be implemented without large sacrifices to time or resources. The methods and protocols provided in this article will demonstrate low cost methods of improving grip strength for various sport performance needs.

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Jace A. Derwin, CSCS, TSAC-F, RSCC

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