We are proud to support the programs that have pursued and achieved NSCA recognition through the ERP. Our goal is to provide useful NSCA resources for you and your students, and to strengthen the future of the industry. Get quick access and guidance to take advantage of these valuable benefits.

Exclusive ERP Benefits

Schools with programs that have earned the NSCA ERP stamp of approval receive a host of unique and exclusive benefits. These benefits are not only intended to help market your program and increase student enrollment, but also to provide exam discounts for students, provide opportunities for continuing education, career growth and advancement, and to ultimately launch your students’ careers.


Unique discount codes are sent individually by email to the designated Program Director. Exam registration instructions are included in the email which is intended for distribution to students interested in challenging the CSCS and NSCA-CPT exams. Be sure to keep this information in a safe place for easy distribution to your students and for future reference.

  • Certification Exam Discount

    Students that attend an approved NSCA recognized program receive a $50 discount off the CSCS and NSCA-CPT exam registrations. ERP Exam Discount Codes may be distributed to your students for the duration of your program's three-year recognition period. To prevent the possibility of misuse of these codes, we ask that you do not display the codes in any general public areas or websites.

  • Free Job Posting

    Approved programs receive three complimentary premium career posts on the NSCA Career Services site. A unique code for job postings will be sent by email to the designated Program Director.

    View NSCA Job Board Instructions
  • NSCA Conference Discount

    A unique event discount code will be sent to the designated Program Director when registration opens for the NSCA National and Coaches Conferences. Forward this e-mail to students and faculty so they may take advantage of the savings. 

  • Advertising Discount for NSCA publications

    You have the opportunity to advertise in one of our online quarterly publications, NSCA Coach, TSAC Report, and Personal Training Quarterly, for 20% off public rates.
    Full Page: 8½" x 11"
    Half Page: 8½" x 5½"
    Contact for more information.

Program Promotion

  • NSCA Website Listing

    Programs that have pursued and achieved recognition through the ERP are featured on the NSCA website. This includes a searchable directory for students interested in a reputable, quality, proven program.
    View School Listings

  • Official ERP Digital Logos

    Approved programs receive an ERP digital logo package to be used for marketing purposes to promote your program on web pages, documents, or recruiting materials. A logo agreement will be sent by email to the designated Program Director. Once the agreement is signed and returned, an email will be sent containing the complete digital logo package.

  • Framed and Matted ERP Certificate

Student Resources

From scholarships and grants to assistantships, internships, and job leads, the NSCA is proud to support students through every step of a successful strength and conditioning education and career.

  • Career Guide

    Packed with advice and guidance from industry leaders, this guide offers students a head start on taking the next step as a strength coach, fitness professional, researcher, educator and beyond.

  • Grants and Scholarships from NSCA Foundation

    For over 10 years the NSCA Foundation has been working to advance the profession of strength and conditioning by providing funding for educational and research endeavors. Since its founding in 2007, the nonprofit foundation has awarded over 185 grants and 500 student scholarships—totaling more than $3 million—to outstanding individuals within the strength and conditioning community.

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