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The NSCA Conference Committee and local leadership invite the submission of presentations for TSAC Annual Training. Please note, all presentations must be delivered in English.

Speaker Application

Submitting for TSAC Annual Training

Please Note: If you would like to have a Co-Presenter, please list their name in the appropriate field and have them complete a seperate speaker application. You are also required to provide a justification for the addition of a second presenter below.

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Have you spoken at a previous NSCA event (clinic, conference, etc.)? * If "yes," continue to the next question.
Presentation Category

Please select your presentation category

  1. Theory - educated and research supported discussion on a topic of interest
    EX. The mission relative importance of training power for infantry soldiers
  2. Research - sharing of research conducted on a specific topic
    EX. The effects of turnout gear on firefighter heart rate during simulated stair climbing
  3. Practical - insight into training approaches used by presenter
    EX. Alternative aerobic conditioning for cadets at the police academy
Presentation Topic

Please choose the one topic from the list below that best describes your presentation’s focus.

Presentation Topic
Presentation Subtopic

Please provide one or two words to further describe your topic. Example: Tactical Skill - Marksmanship

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The TSAC Conference Committee Task Force will review event applications by end of 2019’s Coaches Conference in mid-January for inclusion in the August 2019 TSAC Annual Training. Applications must be received by  Friday November 30th 2018 for consideration. Incomplete applications will not be reviewed. Whether approved or not, you will be notified by the end of January 2019.

Speaker Qualification Criteria

Must meet at least one of the following requirements: Current or former tactical professional (soldier, firefighter, police officer, EMT, etc.); hold an NSCA certification (CSCS, CPT, TSAC-F); possess a 4-year degree or higher.

The NSCA Conference Committee reserves the right to consider experience in lieu of these qualification criteria on a case-by-case basis. 

Speaker Compensation

The compensation package provided to main sessions 50 minutes or longer is based upon the length of the session. Compensation is per session, not per person and includes honorarium, two-night's lodging at the conference hotel, airfare up to $350, and a conference registration. Roundtable Discussions, Research Podium Presentation, Poster presentations, and co-presenters are not compensated. 

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