Transitioning From the Single Discipline Fight Sport to MMA

by Tony Ricci, D.Sc, MS, FISSN, CSCS, PES, CDN, CNS®
September 2018


  1. To develop a thorough Assessment of the potential genetic, conditioning, and skill training protocols related to previous fight discipline. 
  2. Assessment of previous fight sport physical qualities and determination of strengths and weaknesses when contrasted to the physiological demands of MMA
  3. To gain an understanding of what physiological demands which may tax the transitioning fighter the least and the most physically, but moreover mentally.
  4. Discuss potential programming protocols for enhancing the physiological demands of the transitioning fighter to multidisciplinary MMA. 
  5. Future considerations for identifying the specific demands of each elite fighter through assessment, experience, consultation with skill coach, and best available scientific evidence.
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