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Get COVID-19 Updates (May 12th) & Return to Training Resources

NSCA Virtual Events - Category A CEUs

While COVID-19 has most of us stuck at home, it's the perfect time to focus on expanding your professional knowledge and earn CATEGORY A CEUs through our virtual events.

The virtual events will be held via Zoom. Please click HERE for Zoom Instructions to prepare for your virtual event. 

Alabama State Clinic

May 30, 2020 | 0.8 CEUs | Central Time Zone
Jorge Bonnet Just LOAD to Get STRONG!!! That's It! or Not?
Johnny Jackson Leading and Success: The Impact of the Strength Coach
Hunter Waldman Exogenous Ketones and Performance; Magic Pill or Bust?
Lyle Henley Velocity Based Training Methods for Year Round Training in American Football
Christina Myers Training for Maximum Strength / Powerlifting
Trent Nessler BFR Training - Is It Really That Good or Is It Just All Hype?
Demetrius Bailey Evolution of Coaching: Learning From My Mistakes

New Jersey State Clinic

May 30, 2020 | 0.6 CEUs | Eastern Time Zone

Micah Kurtz

Developing a Comprehensive Dynamic Movement Prep to Increase Athleticism and Reduce Injuries

Jamie Pasquin

A Practical Guide to Training Principles, Patterns, and Prescriptions

Gerry DeFilippo

Proper Utilization of Resistance and Plyometric Effect to Build Stride Power and Speed in Athletes

Angelo Gingerelli

Finish Strong: Strength and Mobility for Endurance Athletes

Kevin Backus

Coordinating Physical Training and Sport Practice

Zach Even-Esh

Individualizing Training with Groups From Youth to the Collegiate Level

Vermont State Clinic

June 6, 2020 | 0.6 CEUs | Eastern Time Zone
Bryan Mann Autoregulation of Training: An Overview of the Basic Means of Autoregulation of Training and How to Implement Them
Scott Caulfield Coming Back From Surgery to Coach and/or Play
Eric McMahon So You Want to be a Strength Coach?
Jon Lynch Energy System Development for Football
Joey Besl Strength & Conditioning in the Private Sector for Collegiate and Professional Athletes

Nova Scotia Provincial Clinic

June 6, 2020 | 0.6 CEUs | Atlantic Time Zone
Shauna Forsyth Navigating Today’s Multi-Sport Athlete
Elliott Richardson Introduction to Velocity Based Training
Erik Richard The Cervical Spine: What a Pain in the Neck
Kyle Aucoin Tactical Strength and Conditioning - Training Police, Military and Fire Personnel
Elliott Richardson Introduction to Velocity Based Training (hands-on)

Florida State Clinic

June 13, 2020 | 0.8 CEUs | Eastern Time Zone
Kathy Feinstein The Mental Edge: Bring It!
Tom Cormier Simplifying the Rules to Programming for Special Populations
Lee Brown Post-Activation Potentiation (PAP): What Is It, How to Activate It and How to Use It?
Preston Ficquette & Chase Kough Optimizing Outcomes in the Fitness and Performance Training Industry
Micah Kurtz Developing a Comprehensive Dynamic Movement Prep to Improve Athleticism and Reduce Injuries (hands-on)
Bruce Lombard Hand Speed and Conditioning Skills Training (hands-on)

Montana State Clinic

June 13, 2020 | 0.7 CEUs | Mountain Time Zone
Michael Silbernagel Weight Room Culture: Starting From the Ground Up
Jeff Macy Organizing Your Tool Box
Chad Dennis Unilateral to Bilateral Progression
Regan Quaal The Scientific Principles of Strength & Conditioning
Hayley Legg  Training the Older Adult
Todd Barbour Concurrent Programming and How to Utilize the 3 Phase Approach to Athletic Development
Paul Cauldwell Percussive Therapy for Athletes

Northern California State Clinic

June 27, 2020 | 0.8 CEUs | Pacific Time Zone
Matt Haack Periodization for High School Athletes
Jeff Bramhall Slow Down and Ask Better Questions: How Trauma Theory Can Make Us Better Coaches
Ryan Faer

The Demands of the Game: What it Takes to Perform at Baseball’s Highest and Lowest Levels and Every Level in Between

Jordan Nieuwsma Directing the Return to Competition Protocol
Tyler Friedrich Velocity Based Training
Rudy Thomas Long Term Athletic Development: A Strength Coach’s Playbook
Matt Crawley Managing the Training Process of the UFC Athlete During a Fight Camp
Ron McKeefery Leadership and Motivation for the 21st Century Athlete

Idaho State Clinic

September 26, 2020 | 0.9 CEUs | Mountain Time Zone
Julia Olsen Communication and Motivation: Mastering the Holistic Relationship with our Clients
Patrick McHenry Developing the Adolescent Athlete
Rick Howard Physical Development Across the Lifecourse Using LTAD as a Framework
Don Melrose High Intensity Interval Training Applications
Catherine King Coaching Clients Through Behavior Change
Nick Tumminello 7 Game-Changing Glute Training Tips
Jay Dawes Developing Agility and Quickness
Brent Alvar Program Considerations for Tactical Athletes
Robert Linkul Non-Traditional Resistance Training Techniques to Overcome Physical Limitations

2020 NSCA Personal Trainers Virtual Conference

October 19-22 | 2.0 CEUs | Easter Time Zone
Michelle Adams Arent to be determined
Shawn Arent to be determined
Shanté Cofield Bulletproofing Your Knees: Moving Past Your Toes and Beyond Hip Strengthening
Molly Galbraith What You Must Know About Coaching & Training Pre- & Postnatal Women
Vernon Griffith Rotational Training for Athletic Performance
Grove Higgins Cadavers in Motion - Joint Emphasis
Josiah Igono Perfectionism and Performance from a Personal Trainer and Client Perspective
Mike Israetel Designing Hypertrophy Programs for Beginners
Stuart McGill to be determined
Christopher Mohr to be determined
Jeremy Snyder Cadavers in Motion - Joint Emphasis

2020 Advanced Periodization Virtual Clinic

November 13-14 | 1.6 CEUs
Cal Dietz Triphasic Training: Applying the Ranged Plyometric Method According to Loading Parameters   
Greg Haff Periodization: It's More than Just Programming
Guy Hornsby Integrating Weightlifting Movements into the Periodized Plan
Andrea Hudy Real World Periodization: A Team-Based Practical Approach to High Level Programming  
William Kraemer The Shift Towards Non-Linear and Flexible Non-Linear Periodization Models
Bryan Mann Foundations of Velocity Based Training 
Chris Morris Fluid Periodization: The Autoregulation of Matching Training to Readiness 
Caitlin Quinn Shutting Off - Parasympathetic Activation Practices for Balancing Sympathetic Stress
Michael Stone Pros and Cons of Classic Periodization
Andrew Stuart  Use of Dynamic Strength Index to Guide and Monitor Training
Tim Suchomel Eccentric Training Methods: Benefits, Short Comings, and Implementation
Jeremy Weeks Velocity Based Programming: From the Weightroom to the Field
Matthew Wenning Progressions and Considerations of Advanced Level Strength Athletes


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