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While COVID-19 has most of us stuck at home, it's the perfect time to focus on expanding your professional knowledge and earn CATEGORY A CEUs through our virtual events.

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The NSCA is excited to announce our latest online offering, the brand new 3D Expo! This interactive expo hall is the first of its kind in the strength and conditioning community and is open to everyone. 

Our industry partners have missed seeing you at NSCA events, and now you'll be able to interact with them in the 3D virtual environment. Each booth you click to visit will allow you to chat with representatives from each exhibitor, or you can review their products, services, and special offerings. 

In addition to visiting our vendors, you can also access complimentary educational content by clicking into free sessions. The NSCA Store is there for you to shop around for all your NSCA gear and clothing needs. Need to recertify? Check out details at the NSCA Resources Booth. There is also a dedicated area to learn about the NSCA's newest certification, Certified Performance and Sport Scientist (CPSS). 

Alberta Provincial Clinic

September 26, 2020 | 0.9 CEUs | Mountain Time Zone
Marty Hansen Interpreting Yoga - Experience in Practice
Syl Lemelin Physiological Employment Standards: Physical Fitness or Physical Abilities?
Hannah Gray

The Female Strength Athlete: Considerations for Programming and Coaching Women in Strength Sports

Barry Butt Introduction to Velocity Based Training (VBT)
Joel Jackson Jump Monitoring for Objective Assessment of Athlete Fatigue
Melody Schoenfeld Indian Clubs, Bulgarian Bags, and Other Tools of Rotational Strength
Nick Tumminello 7 Game-Changing Glute Training Tips

Idaho State Clinic

September 26, 2020 | 0.9 CEUs | Mountain Time Zone
Julia Olsen Communication and Motivation: Mastering the Holistic Relationship with our Clients
Patrick McHenry Developing the Adolescent Athlete
Rick Howard Physical Development Across the Lifecourse Using LTAD as a Framework
Don Melrose High Intensity Interval Training Applications
Catherine King Coaching Clients Through Behavior Change
Nick Tumminello 7 Game-Changing Glute Training Tips
Jay Dawes Developing Agility and Quickness
Brent Alvar Program Considerations for Tactical Athletes
Robert Linkul Non-Traditional Resistance Training Techniques to Overcome Physical Limitations

2020 Baseball Virtual Clinic

October 7 | 0.8 CEUs | Eastern Time Zone
Gene Coleman Speed Form Run Agility
Robert Fumagalli & Jose Vazquez Mobility Training
Joseph Hudson Mobility / Warm-Up 
Brian Jordan & Rob Reichert Nutrition / Hydration 
Brandon McDaniel Training Youth Athletes 
Lee Fiocchi Conditioning Practices / Application 
Nathan Shaw & Matt Tenney Speed Training / Application 

Oregon State Clinic

October 10, 2020 | 0.8 CEUs | Pacific Time Zone
Mark Kovacs Optimizing Training for the Overhead and Rotational Athlete
Peter Rumford Core First Approach to Exercise
Charles Burdick Sports Performance Practical Application
Kathryn Hill Non-Diet Approach to Fitness and Nutrition
Neville Chu Bridging the Gap From Rehab to the Barbell
Tony Gracia The Kettlebell Snatch - Prerequisites, Technical Analysis, and Programming Considerations

2020 NSCA Personal Trainers Virtual Conference

October 19-22 | 2.0 CEUs | Eastern Time Zone
Michelle Adams Arent Training for Form AND Function for the Long-Haul
Shawn Arent Dietary Trends: How to Separate Fact from Fiction and Hope from Hype
Jessika Brown Can I Go to Happy Hour with my Friends on this Diet?
Molly Galbraith What You Must Know About Coaching & Training Pre- & Postnatal Women
Vernon Griffith Rotational Training for Athletic Performance
Grove Higgins Cadavers in Motion - Joint Emphasis
Josiah Igono Perfectionism and Performance from a Personal Trainer and Client Perspective
Mike Israetel Designing Hypertrophy Programs for Beginners
Stuart McGill Retaining the Back-Pained Client
Christopher Mohr The Importance of Protein Timing
Jeremy Snyder Cadavers in Motion - Joint Emphasis

Saskatchewan Provincial Clinic

October 31, 2020 | 0.6 CEUs | Central Time Zone
Greg Myer

Quit “Screening” and Waiting for Injuries: Integrated Strategies to Identify Deficits and Target Training

Kate Perry Transitioning to Working in Paralympic Sports
Heather Hynes Macronutrient Timing for Optimal Training Adaptations
Joel Pedersen Empowering Indigenous Youth Through Functional Fitness and Strength Training
Rhonda Shiskin

Collaboration in the Integrated Support Team Model: Integrating Strength and Conditioning and Physiotherapy in the Management of Elite Athletes

Amanda Ruller Speed Training for Athletes

2020 Advanced Periodization Virtual Clinic

November 13-14 | 1.6 CEUs
Cal Dietz Triphasic Training: Applying the Ranged Plyometric Method According to Loading Parameters   
Vernon Griffith Explore the Corners: Developing Real Strength & Athleticism with Non-Traditional Techniques
Greg Haff Periodization: It's More than Just Programming
Guy Hornsby Integrating Weightlifting Movements into the Periodized Plan
Andrea Hudy Real World Periodization: A Team-Based Practical Approach to High Level Programming  
William Kraemer The Shift Towards Non-Linear and Flexible Non-Linear Periodization Models
Chris Morris Fluid Periodization: The Autoregulation of Matching Training to Readiness 
Caitlin Quinn Shutting Off - Parasympathetic Activation Practices for Balancing Sympathetic Stress
Michael Stone Periodization: Concepts and Underlying Mechanisms & Block Periodization: Subtypes - Nuances & Details
Andrew Stuart  Use of Dynamic Strength Index to Guide and Monitor Training
Tim Suchomel Eccentric Training Methods: Benefits, Short Comings, and Implementation
Jeremy Weeks Velocity Based Programming: From the Weightroom to the Field
Matthew Wenning Progressions and Considerations of Advanced Level Strength Athletes

Perform Better 2020 Summer Seminar Series

Week Days | June-September | All start times are 2pm EST
September Speaker Lineup
Robert Dos Remedios
Adam Feit
Molly Galbraith
John Graham
Ingrid Marcum
Rick Mayo
Michael Mullin
Brian Nguyen
Jennifer Reiner-Marcello
Don Saladino
Marco Saladino
Kerry Taylor
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