Joint Statement to NCAA on Behalf of Division I Strength and Conditioning Coaches

Joint Statement from NSCA and CSCCa to NCAA on Behalf of Division 1 Strength and Conditioning Coaches

August 2015

Our organizations share a passion and commitment to the strength and conditioning profession. For decades, we have committed ourselves to the following efforts to serve strength and conditioning coaches:

  Developing and maintaining the highest levels of strength and conditioning certifications.

  Supporting an evidence-based foundation for the profession through academic journals, conferences and trainings, and online content and resources.

  Providing strength and conditioning coach-specific continuing education requirements for professionals certified by our organizations.

  Building communities of strength and conditioning professionals with a shared commitment to the safety and performance of student-athletes.

These shared commitments by our organizations are in the best interest of the student-athlete. The extensive interaction between the student-athlete and the strength and conditioning professional plays a critical role in the prevention of athlete injury. Committing ourselves to higher standards for strength and conditioning coaches will have a direct and positive effect on the safety of student-athletes.

In partnership with NCAA, we desire to see further commitment and action in support of collegiate strength and conditioning professionals in the following three areas:

1. A commitment to comprehensive strength-and-conditioning-specific certifications that:

•  Establish a standard for athletic performance coaching.

•  Require a bachelor’s degree and CPR/AED certification, with basic first aid certification recommended as a best practice.

•  Require continuing education.

2. A commitment to certifications that are accredited by an independent credentialing institution to ensure the integrity and quality of both the certification and certifying organization.

3. A commitment to bring leadership from our strength and conditioning associations into the larger strategy discussions of promoting student-athlete safety and performance.

Our desire is to work closely with NCAA to raise standards and ultimately foster a safer and more effective training environment at NCAA institutions. We look forward to further collaboration and partnership in the days ahead.


Michael Embree 
Executive Director, NSCA 
Michael Embree
    Dr. Chuck Stiggins
Executive Director, CSCCa

Chuck Stiggins
#NSCAStrong #NSCAStrong

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