Readership Survey Results

Thank you to everyone who completed our Readership Survey to help us improve NSCA’s online articles and videos, as well as NSCA CoachPersonal Training Quarterly, and TSAC Report.

We heard you when you said that you like the ability to read printed articles. We will continue to offer most online articles as an optional PDF download and are looking at other technologies that might work better. Also, members can opt in to receive Strength and Conditioning Journal and Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research in print when joining or renewing for an additional fee of $15 per year.

Some of the changes we have been making based on your feedback are:

  1. We are adding more research-based infographics to better bridge the gap between research and its practical application.
  2. We created a listing of high school coaching articles, videos, and podcasts in one place to make them easier for coaches to find.
  3. We have added more articles and videos about youth training and have even more planned for the future.
  4. We will be releasing a position statement on training a mature population and have additional resources planned around this topic.

In reply to some of your inquiries—yes, a staff member read through all 2,500 responses to open-ended questions and took notes about changes that can be made. If you provided us with your email address, we also responded individually to any concerns expressed. If you have feedback about our articles and videos, please contact the NSCA Web Education Manager.

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