National Strength and Conditioning Association Foundation Announces 2017 Grant and Scholarship Recipients

July 26, 2017

Colorado Springs, CO – As it celebrates its 10th anniversary, the National Strength and Conditioning Association Foundation is proud to announce the recipients of the foundation’s 2017 grants and scholarships. Since the foundation’s creation in 2007, it has awarded 120 grants and 440 scholarships, totaling over $2 million. This year’s recipients add to the prestigious legacy of those who came before them and fulfill the foundation’s mission of supporting the National Strength and Conditioning Association by providing funding for educational and research endeavors that enhance the practical applications of strength and conditioning.
All grant and scholarship recipients must be active NSCA members, must fully complete the appropriate applications, and meet all specific requirements for individual grants and scholarships.
Grant recipients were selected by the NSCA Foundation Grant Committee after a thorough evaluation process of all applications. The following are the 2017 recipients:
GNC® Nutritional Research Grant:
Otavio Takeda, Lindenwood University*
Graduate Research Grant, Master’s:
Mary Altepeter, Lindenwood University*
Patrick Harty, Lindenwood University*
Luke Olsen, University of Kansas
Alexis Pihoker, University of North Carolina
Graduate Research Grant, Doctoral:
Kevin Carroll, East Tennessee State University
William Dupont, Oklahoma State University
Ethan Hill, University of Nebraska – Lincoln
Justin Nicoll, University of Kansas
Eric Trexler, University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill
Young Investigator Grant:
Adam Wells, University of Central Florida*
Senior Investigator Grant:
Sophia Nimphius, Edith Cowan University*
International Collaboration Grant:
Nathanial Jenkins, Oklahoma State University
Scholarship recipients were selected by the NSCA Foundation Scholarship Committee after a thorough evaluation process of all applicants. Each winner is awarded $1,500 and the following are the 2017 recipients:
High School Scholarship:
Brandon McMinn, Rising Sun High School/Penn State University
Challenge Scholarship:
Eric Trexler, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
David Cornell, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Michael Trevino, University of Kansas
Ethan Hill, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Michael LaMonica, University of Central Florida*
Brandon Stone, University of Oklahoma
Zachary Ciccone, University of Alabama
David Church, University of Central Florida*
Tom Cormier, Setanta College*
Ryan Goochey, Aurora University*
Alex Klemp, Florida State University
Bryan Dowdell, Kent State University*
Joshua Keller, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Mark Byrd, University of Kentucky*
Ryan Bean, Eastern Kentucky University
Scott Dalconzo, Lamar University
James Boyett, University of North Texas*
Peter Kenn, Appalachian State University*
Tyler Muddle, Oklahoma State University
David Sanders, Rutgers University
Jerry Martin Scholarship:
Tom Cormier, Setanta College*
Crystal Chariton, Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions*
Minority Scholarship:
Megan Wong, California State University, Fullerton*
Jacob Mota, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Ran Wang, University of Central Florida*
Justin Nicoll, University of Kansas
Carlos Estrada, Oklahoma State University
Ian Dobbs, California State University, Fullerton*
Mike Luera, Oklahoma State University
Christopher Razo, Metropolitan State University of Denver
Women’s Scholarship:
Brittany Allman, Florida State University
Katie Hirsch, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Crystal Chariton, Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions*
Amelia Miramonti, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Roksana Zak, University of Nebraska-Omaha*
Kayla Baker, University of Central Florida*
Gena Gerstner, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Simone Morin, Springfield College*
Erica Marshall, Kent State University*
Alyssa Varanoske, University of Central Florida*
Jordan Fox, Central Queensland University
*Indicates that school is a member of the NSCA Education Recognition Program (ERP). ERP schools are recognized and distinguished schools with standardized and approved strength and conditioning or personal training curricula in undergraduate or graduate settings.
"Congratulations to all the 2017 NSCA Foundation grant and scholarship recipients," said Brian Schilling, NSCA Foundation Board President. "Each of these individuals exemplify what it is to be an NSCA professional. We are very proud of them and their motivation to impact the strength and conditioning industry."
“I believe that each of the individuals who has received a grant or scholarship will contribute to the growth of the strength and conditioning industry. Through receiving the NSCA Foundation’s support, it will only help them to become stronger students, researchers, and future leaders of the profession,” said Carissa Gump, NSCA Foundation Director.
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