National Strength and Conditioning Association Foundation Announces 2020 Grant Recipients

Colorado Springs, CO – The National Strength and Conditioning Association Foundation is proud to announce the recipients of the Foundation’s 2020 grants. Since the Foundation’s creation in 2007, it has awarded 174 grants, including 14 new recipients this year. This year’s recipients add to the prestigious legacy of those who came before them. The grants fulfill the Foundation’s mission of supporting the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) by providing funding for educational and research endeavors that enhance the practical applications of strength and conditioning.

Grant recipients were selected by the NSCA Foundation Grant Committee and Grant Panel after a thorough evaluation process of all applications. The NSCA Foundation will distribute a total of  $193,388 to the following recipients:

Directed Research Grant:

Robert Lockie, California State University, Fullerton*

Emily Martinez, The University of Texas at El Paso


Graduate Student Research Grant:

Eliott Arroyo, Kent State University*

Nile Banks, Oklahoma State University

Erica Goldstein, University of Central Florida*

Roberto Nava, University of New Mexico*

Spencer Travis, East Tennessee State University


Young Investigator Grant:

Caleb Bazyler, East Tennessee State University

Paul Comfort, University of Salford*

Mitchel Magrini, Creighton University


Senior Investigator Grant:

Jay Dawes, Oklahoma State University


GNC® Nutritional Research Grant:

 Jeffrey Rothschild, AUT Sports Performance Research Institute New Zealand


Coaching Advancement Grant:

Kyle DeRosia, Corvallis, OR


Military CSCS Support Grant:

Christopher Taylor, U.S. Marine

“On behalf of the rest of the Board of Directors and the Grants Committee, I’d like to congratulate the 2020 NSCA Foundation grant recipients,” said Dr. Matt Stock, NSCA Foundation Board President. “This year, we received many strong applications, and it is exciting to see the enthusiasm of the NSCA membership for these funding initiatives. The findings from these projects will undoubtedly impact the field of strength and conditioning for years to come.”

"The NSCA Foundation is proud to be able to carry out our mission of supporting the NSCA by providing grant funding. We are honored to contribute to the future of the strength and conditioning industry and help it continue achieving great success,” said Carissa Gump, NSCA Foundation Executive Director.

All grant recipients must be active NSCA members, must fully complete the appropriate applications, and meet all specific requirements for individual grants.

An asterisk (*) indicates that school is a member of the NSCA Education Recognition Program (ERP). ERP schools are recognized and distinguished schools with standardized and approved strength and conditioning or personal training curricula in undergraduate or graduate settings.

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About the National Strength & Conditioning Association Foundation

The National Strength and Conditioning Association Foundation (NSCAF) was founded in 2007 with the aim of supporting the advancement of strength and conditioning practical applications. The NSCA Foundation is a non-profit organization committed to providing funding to NSCA members taking part in educational and research endeavors.

Since its establishment, the NSCA Foundation has awarded over 170 grants and over 400 scholarships, totaling over $2.7 million to outstanding individuals within the strength and conditioning community. The NSCA Foundation is one of the few foundations that fund work at the Master’s level and across all levels up to senior investigators, as well as one of the few sources that funds work in the strength and conditioning fields. A major goal of the foundation is to continue to maximize assets in order to increase grants and scholarships for NSCA members.

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