National Strength and Conditioning Association Provides Expanded Support for Growing Tactical Strength and Conditioning Needs

Colorado Springs, CO – The National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) is proud to announce that the organization is expanding support within its growing tactical strength and conditioning program. From its inception more than a decade ago, support for those in the military, law enforcement, fire rescue, emergency medical services, and other tactical professions has been a growing priority at the NSCA. These efforts began as a partnership with local law enforcement to improve performance and reduce injury. Today, the program includes a full suite of tactical strength and conditioning educational resources with an accredited TSAC-F® certification and exam, a quarterly publication of cutting-edge industry best practices, and an annual national conference that unites a rapidly growing number of NSCA-certified professionals in tactical roles.

In support of these initiatives and growing demand, the NSCA now has two dedicated staff members who will serve as points of contact for collaboration opportunities within the tactical program:

Tactical Opportunities in Public Safety
Mandy Nice, TSAC-F,*D, NSCA-CPT,*D
NSCA Tactical Program Manager: Public Safety

Mandy has 15 years of experience serving the health and wellness industry and a proven track record of implementing national award-winning tactical strength and conditioning programs. In support of advancing the field, she routinely presents best practices at regional, national, and international public safety conferences. She has also authored articles for leading public safety publications, including the IACP's Police Chief Magazine and the FBI National Academy Associate Magazine. Mandy has provided comprehensive solutions for some of the largest public safety agencies in the U.S. and Fortune 500 companies as well as practical options for smaller institutions.

Tactical Opportunities in Military
Jason Soileau, CSCS
NSCA Tactical Program Manager: Military

Jason served in the Air Force for 8 years as a structural engineer before moving into strength and conditioning and education roles at the University of Louisiana. His funded research initiatives have focused on tactical performance with support from the Department of Defense. Jason's background also includes managing a chain of restaurants, and he is currently a PhD candidate with a research focus on mitigating negative outcomes resulting from the physiological stressors of tactical professions.

The NSCA is proud to strengthen its role in "serving those who serve", bringing the latest science and its practical application to tactical professionals and organizations. NSCA's president-elect Brent Alvar recently stated, "Our mission is clear: we are here to help tactical professionals maximize their wellbeing and longevity by using proven principles to optimize job readiness, performance, safety, and resilience. We are very excited to have both Mandy and Jason here to lead us forward in these important initiatives."

New educational solutions, leadership support, and collaborations are underway for 2021, and we welcome your partnership in these efforts. Please connect with either Mandy or Jason to discuss next steps.

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