National Strength and Conditioning Association Foundation Announces 2020 Scholarship Recipients

Colorado Springs, CO – The National Strength and Conditioning Association Foundation is proud to announce the recipients of the foundation’s 2020 scholarships. Since the foundation’s inception in 2007, it has awarded 174 grants and 499 scholarships, totaling over $3 million. This year’s recipients add to the prestigious legacy of those who came before them and fulfill the foundation’s mission of supporting the National Strength and Conditioning Association by providing funding for educational and research endeavors that enhance the practical applications of strength and conditioning.

All scholarship awardees must be active NSCA members, must fully complete the appropriate applications, and meet all specific requirements for individual scholarships.

Scholarship recipients were selected by the NSCA Foundation Scholarship Committee after a thorough evaluation process of all applicants. Those earning a 2020 scholarship are:


Challenge Scholarship:

Luke Arieta, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Jacob Beiting, Kent State University

David Boffey, University of Central Florida

Dimitrije Cabarkapa, University of Kansas

Nicolas Clark, University of Central Florida

Martin Dietze-Hermosa, The University of Texas at El Paso

Taylor Dinyer, University of Kentucky

Cody Dulaney, Kent State University

Ryan Girts, University of Central Florida

Hayden Giuliani, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Kylie Harmon (Malyszek), University of Central Florida

Brooks Herring, University of South Carolina

Dylan Lange, Northern Illinois University

Hayley Legg, University of Saskatchewan

Anthony Lucas, Pacific University

Zach Pinney, California Baptist University

Alexexander Tenuta, Creighton University

Kyle Wasserberger, Auburn University


High School Scholarship:

Braylon Ratcliff, Spring Valley High School


Jerry Martin Scholarship:

Chad Herring, University of Central Florida


Minority Scholarship:

Baykal Altiner, Texas A&M University

Eliott Arroyo, Kent State University

Sungwon Chae, East Tennessee State University

Isaiah Covington, Australian Catholic University

Andrew Gonzalez, Texas A&M University

Ai Ishida, East Tennessee State University


Natasha Porter Memorial Scholarship:

Stacie Ellis, Texas Women's University


Vitalyon Foundation Scholarship:

Kevin Giordano, Auburn University


Women’s Professional Development Scholarship:

Sarah Tolley, Texas A&M University


Women’s Scholarship:

Kenzie Friesen, Auburn University

Erica Goldstein, University of Central Florida

Emily Rogers, University of Iowa

Sara Sherman, University of Illinois Chicago

Stephanie Sontag, Oklahoma State University


"On behalf of the NSCA Foundation Board of Directors and Scholarship Committee, I would like to say thank you to the 190 applicants that applied for our annual scholarships," said Dr. Nicole Dabbs, NSCA Foundation Board Chair. "We received applications from many dedicated high school and college students. The quality of the submissions was outstanding and inspiring. Congratulations to the 2020 NSCA Foundation Scholarship recipients!"

"The NSCA Foundation is thrilled to support this year's scholarship recipients. These individuals are dedicated and passionate students who truly inspire to make a contribution and difference in the strength and conditioning profession," said Carissa Gump, NSCA Foundation Executive Director.

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About the National Strength & Conditioning Association Foundation

The National Strength and Conditioning Association Foundation (NSCAF) was founded in 2007 with the aim of supporting the advancement of strength and conditioning practical applications. The NSCA Foundation is a non-profit organization committed to providing funding to NSCA members taking part in educational and research endeavors.

Since its establishment, the NSCA Foundation has awarded 174 grants and 499 scholarships, totaling over $3 million to outstanding individuals within the strength and conditioning community. The NSCA Foundation is one of the few foundations that fund work at the Master’s level and across all levels up to senior investigators, as well as one of the few sources that funds work in the strength and conditioning fields. A major goal of the foundation is to continue to maximize assets in order to increase grants and scholarships for NSCA members.

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