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Education Recognition Program (ERP) application deadline is extended to April 30th.


Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update Learn More

Education Recognition Program (ERP) application deadline is extended to April 30th.

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Backward Running: The Why and How to Program for Better Athleticism

Backward running (BR) is a common locomotive technique used by most overground athletes during both competition and training, yet there are limited empirically based recommendations for using BR training for athletes. This article highlights the role of BR in sports context, provides insights into why BR may benefit athletes, and recommends how to integrate BR into strength and conditioning programs. Informed guidance is provided on the practical applications for athletes, which should help speed and strength coaches design and facilitate BR in a safe and progressively overloaded fashion for youth and adult athletes alike. Members Free Access: 3/1/2020-4/30/2020

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A Swim-Specific Shoulder Strength and Conditioning Program

Although swimming is a whole-body activity, shoulder problems can be quite common in competitive swimmers.The propulsion for swimming comes largely from the upper body but the lower body and trunk play an important supporting role. The swimming shoulder kinetic chain (SSKC) describes the generation of swimming propulsion using the whole body. Effective swimmers will use the SSKC in their stroke, so effective strength and conditioning programs should also include the SSKC. A series of swim-specific exercises using the SSKC are presented that focus on the shoulder but can form the basis of a whole-body swimming strength and conditioning program. Members Free Access: 3/1/2020-4/30/2020

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