NSCA Student Membership Verification Information

Student members are required to provide verification of their current full-time student status to the NSCA Membership Department within 30 days of becoming a student member or of renewing a student membership.

The NSCA Student Verification Form is required to for all student memberships, whether the member is new or renewing. Students must have the form signed by an advisor, the Dean of their department, or a staff member in the registrar's office. Please note that scanned copies of the form are acceptable and the form only needs to be signed by the school/program's representative and not the student themselves. 

Transcripts are not an acceptable form of verification, they are a requirement for the CSCS and CSPS certification exams only.

Use one of these options to send your student verification:

  • Scan and email to students@nsca.com
  • Fax to: (719) 632-6367
  • Mail to: NSCA | Membership Department - Student Verification | 1885 Bob Johnson Dr. | Colorado Springs, CO 80906 

Student Enrollment Verification

The NSCA requires verification of a student's enrollment status. Graduate and undergraduate students must be enrolled full-time and in good standing at their institutions at the time of application. Eligible students must have their dean, advisor, or registrar at their institution provide the following information.

Student Enrollment Status
Verification of Dean, Advisor, or Registrar

Frequently Asked Questions About the NSCA Student Membership

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